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Baking a cake in America July 17, 2006

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Well, I took a second stab at the chocolate cake described in my previous blog entry. Only this time, I was at my parent’s home in America, with all the accustomed accouterments! It was amazing how much faster it went. In fact, I made it in three short steps. First I prepared the dry ingredients – the chocolates in a small bowl, the flour and such in a medium one, and the butter set out to soften. Just before I left for my friend’s house for dinner, I creamed the wet ingredients in a large bowl as instructed in the recipe and buttered & lined the cake pans. Then, with coverings on the bowls, I went to her house, boiled the water, and put it all together! It baked up crisp on the top and moist in the middle – wonderful! – and didn’t stick to the pans at all. Hooray for parchment paper and Pampered Chef products! I think the cake tasted a bit more like baking soda this time 😦 but overall was very similar to the last cake, as far as I can recall. Everyone liked it, and we left the leftovers there for her family to finish off (the 8 of us ate about 5/8 of it after a big dinner). What a relief to cook where it’s easier – and yet, I definately enjoyed the accomplishment, the taste, and the praise better when it was more work. That’s the trade-off. I hope to post here later this summer about things I’ve noticed in the States after being away for the past school year. I’ve noticed one or two areas of reverse culture shock at this point. I’ll be back in China this fall!


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