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Thoughts from today December 1, 2007

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Well, this is my first real blog entry on here. Might be my last, as well; who knows? But my other blog hasn’t been updated in ages, so I figured I’d try posting here.

A few random thoughts from today:

–My kids class is going really well 🙂

–Two videos I just found on YouTube that I like: Scary Mary Poppins fake trailer; and Human Pac Man from a game show in Japan, I think. I can’t understand what they’re saying, but I don’t need to. They came up with such a cool way of executing the game, while looking the total opposite of cool themselves! There’s human tetris on YouTube too, but the Pac Man vid is my preference. As for Mary, I’m a big fan of creative editing of well-known video content. It can be so hilarious! Much as I love Mary Poppins, I don’t mind seeing it changed for this – wish I could do that! Well, I could if I had the right software and loads more free time… so, yeah, wish I could.

–Never leave something on the stove and leave the kitchen. Especially in an apartment where the kitchen is not insulated and so you have to close the door behind you every time. Especially when you’re going to use the computer, which sometimes sucks people into never-never land and makes them forget things. Especially when it’s on the other end of the apartment, letting the whole place start to smell like smoke before you notice it. Because even nice-smelling liquids like apple cider eventually boil down to nasty-smelling solids. Not that I did that, mind you. Just a word of advice for life.

–And have you seen Amazon’s new thingy? The Kindle. Something to read books on, with which you can download books and periodicals (for a fee) from Amazon wirelessly from anywhere in the US that Sprint covers. No monthly fees, but the gizmo costs $400 and each book you download is an additional cost. I’m really excited, not about this particular device, but about the fact that it means such devices are going to start being mass-produced. Now if it’ll do like the iPod and spawn lots of non-proprietary book readers, I’ll be thrilled. Especially ones you can put any sort of text onto, and not just certain file-types. (The Kindle doesn’t even read PDF files – come one!) The age of the PADD is finally here – SQUEE!

Now I’m off to do something *real* – maybe scrub a pan bottom, or make lesson plans, or hang up laundry to dry… (oh, gosh, I hope detergent-and-softener smell is stronger than smoke, or I’ll have to wash them all again tomorrow!)


One Response to “Thoughts from today”

  1. coffee fiend Says:

    They should make Human Tetris into a real video game — NES original

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