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Intruder in the Night April 3, 2008

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Well, hello, world. Here’s my most recent attempt at blogging. I hope it works, and becomes a place for regular posts. So far it’s off to a slow start, but if it works, I’ll try to import entries from my past blogging attempts to make this “the one,” and to update it regularly so family and friends can see what’s going on in my life.

The most recent event here was the entry of someone through my (fourth-floor) kitchen window the night before last! Don’t worry, I’m FINE, but I’ll try to start at the beginning now that you know that part of the ending.

My kitchen has two windows, side-by-side, and unlike my bathroom window or my porch windows, the kitchen windows don’t have bars over them. All the apartments downstairs have bars on the kitchen windows, and one of the three apartments above me has bars there too, and now I understand why. I guess the “visitor” either climbed up (using the bars below me? or a tall ladder?) or rappelled down (from the roof? or another bar-less window above me?). He left the same way he came in; the front door was still locked from the inside.

When I woke up Tuesday I was shocked to see my kitchen door open, and through it, to see the screen off one of the kitchen windows and the window wide open as well!

open door, open window

(the open door/window/screen, later in the morning – it wasn’t very light yet when I first saw it!)

That feeling of vulnerability is NOT one I want to experience again. I grabbed my cell phone and a hammer and checked every possible hiding spot while trying to call for help. Eventually, convinced that the visitor had left the way he’d come in, I went up and got my friends on the sixth floor to call the police for me, then called a friend to translate. Meanwhile, almost laughed a little at myself and my hammer, and sang to myself “Some may trust in horses, some may trust in chariots, but we will trust in the name of our Lrd.” While it’s unlikely I’d have met someone with a gun here (the police checked my knives first thing, that’s a much more easily-obtainable weapon), still, a hammer? I’m glad I have something (Someone) more reliable than that.

The police were mystified because the visitor didn’t take anything! The only proof he’d been here, other than the window and door, were a few shoe prints, which they took some photos of before bringing me to their local office for the official written statement.

the footprints

(the footprints)

Today I’ve put a new lock on the window that had a broken lock, and I’m waiting for someone to come drill holes to add a more secure lock to each window. The simple locks I have should be enough, but why not be extra safe? Actually, the broken lock was already broken, and the mystery-man came in through the window with a working lock – I just haven’t kept them locked on the assumption that no one could reach them! I don’t know what I’ll do in the summer when I need to leave them open to let the air flow through 24 hours a day. It gets pretty stifling if I don’t. I guess I really have to buy an AC unit this year.

I am SO grateful that I didn’t wake up and surprise whoever-it-was while he was here. It reminds me of the old Cavin and Hobbes comic when their house was broken into while the family was away on vacation. They came back to find that their TV, VCR, etc, were gone. After dealing with police, the parents were lying in bed reflecting on the fact that, even though some expensive-but-replaceable items were stolen, they weren’t home when it happened and hadn’t been hurt. It ended with something like, “It makes you appreciate what’s really important.” I cut that one out and kept it on my bulletin board for years, and now I know just how they felt. I’m certainly very grateful that nothing was stolen, but that feeling pales in comparison to how happy I am that I wasn’t hurt or killed myself! I’m also extremely grateful for the Ma family upstairs who helped me yesterday for the second time in as many weeks. I’ll have to write about them another time; they’re wonderful neighbors.


2 Responses to “Intruder in the Night”

  1. How freaky!!! I’m so glad you are okay!

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