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Pizzeria April 12, 2008

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Today Melissa and Lucy came over to make pizza with me. What a process! They were very good helpers up until the first pizza went into the oven, which I figure was pretty good – it took two hours to get to that point!

We started with the tomatoes – slit skin, dip in boiling water, peel, cut open, remove water/seeds, chop. (Alternative directions: open can of crushed tomatoes – which we don’t have, of course.) That done, we started the actual recipe: making the crust and setting it in a warm oven to rise, then putting together the tomatoes with some tomato puree I inherited from another foreigner to thicken the sauce, with olive oil and garlic. We prepared the toppings – the girls wanted them ALL, of course! Green pepper, mushroom, onion, beef sausage, chicken, broccoli, and pineapple. Urk! No bacon or pork sausage because Lucy is Hui Chinese, and they don’t eat pork. The dough then got split into two sections and placed in the two pans to rise more, and we took a break to feed and play with the kittens. The first pizza got some of everything on it, and we popped it in the oven. At that point, the girls started playing games on the computer, and I sat down to read a book. They had helped me keep the dishes washed throughout the process, so I didn’t have to worry about any more until we finished. They were excited to see it come out of the oven, but by then they were pretty cooked-out, so I put together the second pizza by myself. This allowed me to leave off the broccoli and sausage; I’d already made sure we used up the pineapple on #1. By the time we finished eating, the second one was done, but they were pretty full. Hooray, that’s my lunch tomorrow! 😀 They each ate part of a small piece just to try it, and then took their leftovers (a couple bites’ worth) home to their mothers. I had to pry them off the internet after I finished the dishes – personal computers aren’t so common here, and I don’t think either of them has one – but I’m definitely glad we had our pizza day. Taste-wise, it wasn’t half bad, though for some reason I still have trouble making pizza here that tastes like what I expect pizza to taste like. At least the crust and cheese were right, as far as I can tell. But most of all, I’m glad we had this time together.

Lucy with pizza #2

Lucy, with pizza #2 fresh out of the oven. (They tried to pick it up to hold it for the camera – ouch!)

Eating pizza #2

Melissa eats a piece upside down

Eating pizza #2

Lucy eats her piece


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