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Picnic April 19, 2008

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Just wanted to post a few words about the first picnic I’ve been at in quite a while, even though it’s not so recent.

The first Sunday of April we held a picnic at a park in the new part of town – somewhere not too densely populated, where people are allowed to walk on the grass. (I have a theory that walking on the grass is generally not allowed because there are too many people per square foot of grass here and if we walked on it, it would die in hours. I can’t even comprehend the idea of New York’s Central Park.)

Some friends and I set out across the city Sunday morning, and after some confusion with the taxis and directions, we found the others and settled down. It was a perfect sunny spring day – the sun was just hot enough to make the shade of the trees where we sat welcome. I had soon taken off my shoes and socks.

Swany and I

Samson and Deb

Prima with Sarah and Deb

After a while, the hot dogs were cooked and lunch was eaten. The food was wonderful! Hot dogs and bread, baked beans, pasta/chicken salad, doritos, and more.

After lunch, we went up a hill and played catch with two frisbees and a foxtail (a ball with a tail on it). Our game lasted for quite some time, and was full of fun!

Samson and Kate with the frisbees

When we finally collapsed in the shade again, Carl was pulling a remote control boat out of the nearest pond; others had played badminton and rollerbladed. My friends and I ate oranges and strawberries, and then most of them had to do.

Kate and I stayed a while longer. I enjoyed looking up at the blue sky and being on grass, but after a few minutes the workers wanted to water the grass and so it was time to pack up.

4 of my 5 guests: Kate, Swany, Eric, and Prima

Samson, Swany, and Prima


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