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How does my garden grow? April 22, 2008

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This spring I’ve trying my thumb at gardening. So far, it seems to be going pretty well, though it’s turning out to be more expensive than I anticipated. I’ve also given up the idea of eating very much out of my garden. I am, however, counting on at least one serving of beets, a couple salads’ worth of lettuce, a serving or two of peas, a couple dozen ears of corn, and hopefully a few kitchen herbs. Most of the beans haven’t come up, though I’m still watering them instead of evicting the seeds from the tray – they’d better show themselves soon, or I’ll need the space for the seeds that have actually come up! I think I will try nasturtium blossoms, too; I believe they’re edible, and it looks like just about all their seeds came up.

Of course, some things are easier to grow in a small space than others. That’s the problem with the beets. The package advertised “clearly more seeds!” and proved it with a little clear panel to show you just how much was inside. I had about 100 come up (at least, it seemed like it), and there are still another 50-100 seeds I didn’t plant (wonder how they’ll grow next year?) But only a few are in their own pots, because, honestly, when you want the roots to get as big as possible, you’re gonna have a limited harvest per pot. Most have been left for Dan to munch, as will probably also happen to the lettuce once those slow-pokes get big enough to transplant.

Speaking of whom Dan, here’s a snap of him climbing back in the window and onto his own personal garden. Mostly cat grass, with a few thinned seedlings that retained enough root to survive, it’s a little patch of edible green that he’s enjoying, and he’s being pretty good about not nibbling on the other plants.

The peas and beans and most of the other non-edible plants I’m growing are climbers. I’m planning (well, hoping) to have the bars on the porch window covered in leaves and flowers during the hot summer months to keep out the sun that shines in all day. It will require not forgetting to water the plants, even for one day, I suspect. ZZ is quite dry, and the climbers are planted in shower caddies – perfect for hanging on the bars, but also completely perforated, and thus even faster to dry out. I’m hoping this is the year that I finally manage to grow something without killing it through neglect.

A multi-level garden; the white pots at top have plants that will later go in bigger pots on the bottom or be given away; the middle has the non-veg climbers; and the bottom has everything else, including three seed trays and some plants I didn’t grow myself.

most of the length, from either end

the extra beets for Dan and a bunch of nasturtiums (actually a mix of left-over flower seeds, but the N’s came up fastest)


climbers in shower caddy

In other news, my cats are growing well, too. I have two feline companions, Daisy and Dandelion. Dan’s a big orange male cat who’s been with me since October 2006; he’s about two years old now. Daisy is somewhere in the neighborhood of three months old; she and her sister were found by Melissa and Lucy on their way home from school in mid-February.

Lucy took Lucky (the sister) home with her after asking her mother, but Melissa’s dog didn’t like Daisy, so she lives here. She’s “Melissa and Lily”‘s cat. 🙂 Look how she’s grown!

A few weeks after Daisy moved in, just as she was outgrowing her box, Melissa and her friends found four more kittens. These were even younger, and one was injured. Honestly, I didn’t feel right about taking them in, but I also didn’t know what else to do – they were in a filthy box in the sun, sitting on the walkway outside Melissa’s apartment building. In they came, and stayed for almost four weeks.

on the sidewalk, then in my apartment a few days later

The injured one died after a couple weeks, but the others have survived…

the girl, who I called “Damien” (long story), last week

…and last I saw, they looked quite healthy, ready to embark on another adventure – the couple that’s adopting one of them was willing to finish caring for all three until they’re old enough to be separated.

Sister Damien and brother Tig wait for brother Tex to join them in the carrier

It’s wonderful to be free!!! 😀 Two cats who eat regular kibble (well, kitten kibble for Daisy, but that’s worlds better than bread and formula and kibble served warm three times a day!) and use the litterbox skillfully and play together are just the pets I want.


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  1. WOW! That balcony garden is awe-inspiring! It’s going to look GREAT when it fills in a bit. You’re going to have quite a chore watering all of that at least once a day!

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