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Sock Surgery May 1, 2008

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Today I did some surgery on one of the socks I am knitting. It’s my first time deconstructing and reconstructing cables in knitting. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s fine. Look at the pictures below, and if you still don’t get it, then don’t worry about it, just scroll down to the part about food and skip the knitting entirely.

the mistake – they should all be twisted the same way, but one place goes the other way (it’s much easier to see in real life, if you’re actually this close to the sock – for some reason the camera doesn’t quite capture it no matter how I try)

half-way fixed (I forgot to take a photo when the whole 8 rows were pulled out – here 4 are unravelled)

as it should be!

I think I made the error when showing someone how to make cables, ironically. For those in-the-know, I was holding the cable needle to the back for the other two cables on the row, and so I forgot and did it on this cable too, instead of holding it to the front. And, no, for those non-knitters out there, I don’t suppose anyone other than me would ever have noticed the mistake if I had left it – but these are for me, and I would have known, and that’s the main point. After all the work to make these things (and I also took out eight or ten rows earlier this week because of a mistake that couldn’t be fixed this “easily”), I’m not going to leave them with one (or two) stupid errors marring them. Only 13 more rows and I can FINALLY turn the heels on these things! I feel like I’ve been doing the feet forever, but then, I do wear US 11 women’s size shoes. Now for the fun part, where I do flat heel stitches and fancy patterning to – hopefully – transition smoothly to a nice k2p2 rib for the ankle/leg portion. Then I can just keep mindlessly going until I run out of yarn. I’m glad I didn’t sign up for Sock Wars III, this one pair is enough for me this year.

I’m nearing the end on a special crocheting project, too, but it’s for a friend’s birthday and she has my blog address, so I can’t post about it here till I have a picture her wearing it!

So, on to non-yarn projects.

I tried out a recipe for garlic broccoli that was posted by another family living in China, courtesy of their ayi. It was quite yummy! Here’s a pic of the dish when I made it:

and of the meal:

That brown stuff in the rice is just brown rice that I like to mix in when I cook it. The other dish is my own invention of pineapple chicken. You can see I’ve already eaten almost half the broccoli by the time the meal’s ready – it was that good! (Well, and I only have one wok, and I was too hungry to wait for the second dish to cook before eating the first one.) I tried out my new rice cooker on this meal, so it was a whole meal of firsts.

And below is today’s experiment, peanut butter banana bread. In addition to peanut butter in the batter, I put actual peanuts and banana chips in it; the whole banana chips on the top were pretty but of course won’t cut without enough force to tear the bread apart so I probably won’t put them on next time. I love how richly colored it is – it makes me think of pumpkin bread.

One other creative bit of life here is a trip to the fabric market today for pants-, jeans-, and shirt-material. I’ll take the purchases to a seamstress tomorrow, and post more when the results are in!


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