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Growing and Changing (Garden) May 12, 2008

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Well, I guess I need to blog a little more often if I want to make this a “weekly-or-more” blog instead of an “every-so-often” blog. It’s just such a pain to turn on the proxy to do it, because I’m used to multi-tasking when online, and it slows down the connection so much that (a) I have more waiting time in which I want to do something else while it works, and (b) doing anything else while it works just makes it all slower! Frustration. Especially when it comes to adding photos. Anyway, on to the blog.

My garden has been doing very nicely. I’ve got almost every plant in its permanent pot, and I’m very happy with how most of them have turned out. A picture of the garden yesterday early afternoon:

With the heat of summer on the way, they’ll no doubt be growing “like weeds” soon, as long as I keep them watered. 🙂 But the heat of summer brings other necessities. Last May, June, and September, I just about melted into a puddle of sweat and heat exhaustion, living here without AC. I was in the States in July and August, so my poor house-sitter got to experience those. But this year I’ll be here all summer, and I am NOT going to live like that again! Unfortunately, the main rooms of my apartment – the living room and dining room, which are only separated by some cabinets and open shelving – have no convenient spot to install a unit, because they don’t have windows or even exterior walls! If would have to get pretty hot for a long time before I would consider running hoses across long areas of wall or drilling multiple holes in walls or moving my refrigerator to put a unit there (there’s a hole behind it from a past tenant’s AC unit, which leads into the bathroom, where I’ve had to cover the matching hole in the outside wall with duct tape to keep the draft out of my shower).

So, I bought two AC units and had them installed in the two bedrooms. A basic “1 pi” unit in the “study/nursery/spare room” (I still don’t have a good name for it), and a “1.5 pi” unit in my bedroom, from whence I hope to be able to blow air into the rest of the house with a fan. The middle rooms retain their temperature very well – when it first gets hot, they stay cool for days, but once they do get hot, it takes a solid week of cooler weather for them to get down to anything near the outdoor temperature. Hopefully the effect of the AC units will be to keep them from getting hot in the first place. They will have to fight the heat coming from the kitchen and bathroom on the other side of the main rooms, but those are on the shadow side of the building, so they don’t pose quite as strong a threat as the wall-of-sunny-windows that is my porch posed in the pre-AC days.

in the land of Spare Oom

in the bedroom

But, every indoor AC unit must have its other half somewhere outside. Apartment building geography being what it is, my choices were to place them either on the actual porch, depositing their heat and condensed water there, or out the window, in my garden. Not really much of a choice. So now my garden is once again being re-arranged, and I’m seriously thinking that I don’t really need those 13 pots of lettuce that I just transplanted from the seedling trays.

the lettuce, currently hanging out on my clothes line

I can buy lettuce in the market (I finally looked for and found it this spring), and I just don’t have the room for that many pots outside anymore. sigh. Right now it’s still cool enough out that I don’t need the AC (which is good, because they both need extension cords which I do not have), but once it gets hot, I know I’ll be glad for the huge white intrusions smack in the middle of my little Eden. Really. Now if I could only believe that right now. 🙂

In other garden news:

An (out-of-focus) sunflower with a splint. One sunflower didn’t make it, but so far this one’s still alive. What happened? My cat, Dan, likes to pull off leaves to munch. So far he’s had only moderate success in learning which ones are “his” and which are “mine.”

A pot family, clockwise from left: pumpkin, gypsophilia (tiny white flowers), corn, and 2 sweet pea plants. A bit more crowded than I first planned, but there’s only so much space (and weight capacity) for pots of dirt, rocks, water, and plants. Hopefully the potmates get along well 🙂


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