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Flags May 16, 2008

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Two annual events took place recently.

One was the Junior classes’ games of Capture the Flag. I created a different set of rules last year to go with “Casablanca.” One team is the Vichy police/government, and the other is the Resistance. They have different abilities and objectives reflective (to some extent) of their powers and goals in history. Since only one class is watching that movie this year, the other class played normal Capture the Flag. It was a great chance to enjoy the warm spring weather, and hopefully practice speaking English the way real English speakers do – in life, playing games, not just in the classroom. My students do seem to have trouble with that concept, though; unless I enforce penalties, there are always some who get the job done faster by using Chinese. Oh, well, it’s their loss!

post-game photos of both classes

The other was the Sophomore classes’ two days of World Culture Fairs. Each group had to research a country, finding a list of required facts and at least two more that they deemed interesting, and then have a display ready to share with classmates. The freshmen were invited to come as well. Last year they almost all came (so this year’s sophomores knew the drill); this year only a couple from each class made it. But the students did a great job! You can see pictures of all the country displays with their respective groups at my photo page. Below are a few shots from the fairs.

looking at my sample display about the USA, the week before

getting started; the middle table was reference, extra maps, etc.

learning about Egypt

learning about Spain

the Morocco display



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