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More first flowers May 22, 2008

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My garden has continued to grow. Here are some flowers from this week!


Morning Glory



Unfortunately, after the pumpkin flower folded back up, it wilted rather than developing into anything.  The two other buds in the picture above dropped off before they even opened.

I don’t know if they HAVE TO be fertilized to produce a fruit; if so, that might be the problem, as it was the only one open. (Hm, I didn’t notice if it was male or female. I take it male flowers just wilt off anyway after doing their duty?) However, I think the plant is having issues as well – two smaller buds have also wilted, never even growing big and opening like their plant-mate did. Can anybody tell from the photo if the problem’s that it’s too dry, too wet, too much sun, or too much swinging between extremes? Or something else? Help! I’ll be so sad if I don’t get any pumpkins from these plants. Even one, if it was really big, would be enough to make me happy, though since they’re confined to pots, it would probably be better to hope for several smaller ones.


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