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Signs of Summer June 17, 2008

Filed under: Life,School — missjubilee @ 9:57 am

A short list of two things I’m starting to notice here.

You know summer is coming when…

  • …children start appearing on the school bus.

Elementary schools get out before colleges, so children who can’t stay with their grandparents for some reason start going to work with their parents.  It’s kinda cute to see them get on with their little bag of things to do while Mommy or Daddy teaches or works in the office.  I haven’t asked yet whether kids are allowed in class – are they all office workers, or do some of them really bring the kids into class?  Or maybe stash them in an empty classroom nearby?

  • …you have to change your shirt every time you arrive home.

Seriously, it’s getting hot!  I get to class on the 4th floor, and have to stand under the ceiling fan for five minutes to let my body cool down and dry off a little.  I ride my bike uphill and get to my apartment, also on the 4th floor, and have to change shirts!  Maybe Do I sweat more this year, or did I just somehow not notice last spring?  It’s both annoying to have to change, and a wonderful pleasure to be able to.

Both of these mean summer is almost here, an the end of the school year is in sight.  Hooray!


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