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Prepare and Go! July 14, 2008

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Today was a bit crazy.  I stayed up till all hours last night, preparing my lesson for this morning, packing, and designing and printing out 18 copies of a journal for the kids (the spare being for me to use).  Then this morning I taught class, which required a bit of last-minute prep, too.

This afternoon, I made it through a ridiculously expensive and slow taxi ride (traffic was jammed up unbelievably) in time to get the train.  In fact, I got there before several of the children, probably because they were stuck in the same traffic I was.

On board, I handed out the booklets and taught the boys how to play Uno.  The game was a big hit, and they played it much of the evening, with occasional loud shouts that would have landed them in trouble in the West but didn’t seem to garner too much disapproval on the train.


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