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All Around Hong Kong July 16, 2008

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Today was another hodgepodge of a day.  We went down to the southern end of the peninsula for breakfast (I’d already eaten, so I went into a convenience store for cranberry-goodness – this time, I was successful).  Then we went to the Scouting Museum, which is located in a building that is mainly a hotel named for Scouting’s founder.

My group at the hotel lobby; apparently whoever took the photo jiggled the camera.  I don’t usually use flash because it so quickly drains the batteries, and I guess the occasional blurry photo is the price I must pay.

The beginning of the museum displays

Then we were free until lunch time.  On the way there, we’d passed a YMCA with a prominent window display of their bookshop.  I walked back several blocks to find it and buy a few small items and a book, then another block to the mall holding the closest Toys R Us (thanks to the hotel consierge for helping me with a map and directions!)  I happily did a quick browse through the store and came away with my own games of Boggle and Travel Cluedo.  I even managed to catch a bus back, which left me enough time to buy a muffin to suppliment what I correctly guessed would be a bland and unsatisfying lunch of yet more Chinese food.  In fact, we ate at the same place for almost every meal we ate together in Hong Kong!  I suppose it had some connection with the tour guide’s organization, but I wish they’d align themselves with somewhere that employs better cooks.  Of course, as I knew well before this trip, I never have cared much for the food of southern China, so maybe that was the only real problem?

After lunch, we went to the Space Museum for about an hour.

Me and Sunny with the US Space Suit

Then we went back to the Scout Center for a little presentation.  There was a video (in Chinese) about Scouting in Hong Kong, and then the leaders taught the kids (and adults) how to tie knots, and how to sing a fun little song.

Most of the song

They knew English, and the Scout leader who taught our table the knots was very friendly and nice to talk to.  (The other leaders on the trip spoke very little English.)

Another hour was left before dinner, so I hurried over to a Family bookstore (thanks to one of the Scout leaders for giving me directions to the address I’d printed out from the internet).  There I splurged on several CD’s and DVD’s of music and one Chinese book to share with friends here.

There was some discussion about doing more shopping after dinner, but thankfully the decision was to go back to the hotel for the rest of the evening, which gave me time to mend a new hole in my jeans and relax before getting a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow: Disneyland!


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