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Disneyland July 17, 2008

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7/17 Disneyland

Today’s trip to Disneyland was about what any trip to Disneyland probably is when you go with a group.  I was to stay mostly with my group of girls; Tian Tian and her mother joined our group for the day, and several times our group of 8 would split into two, but generally everything worked out well.  We rode most of the rides worth riding (I was only disappointed to miss the teacups, which the others said looked nauseating, and the Small World, which I suppose is really identical everywhere anyway).  One girl went missing partway through the day, which caused the other two who were with me at the time to panic and me to be very frustrated – my “HK” SIM card wouldn’t call her phone, even though she could call mine, so it was an hour and a half before she finally wandered back to our end of the park – with the others of our group and completely clueless that we’d been waiting around for her to reappear ever since she left. *sigh*

I discovered that I should have planned better for the weather.  I did bring a visor, but it was quickly loaned to one of the girls, and I didn’t think to bring an umbrella.  It was so sunny and hot that I eventually had to buy a hat and some sunscreen at outrageous Disneyland prices.

Some of the best parts of the visit were the shows.  We watched “The Golden Mickeys,” the first trilingual awards show I’ve ever seen.  There host (a woman named Beebee) and the Disney characters on-stage spoke in Cantonese, and two small screens displayed the dialog in English and in Chinese characters for all the Mandarin-speakers there.  Nominees were named from various movies for categories like “romance” and “hero,” though they never actually gave the awards.  The songs that were preformed were sung in English, with the words again projected in characters that both sets of Chinese-speakers could read.  Later in the day, we watched “Mickey’s Philharmagic,” a re-do of the Magician’s Apprentice in which Donald steals the hat from Mickey in an attempt to conduct the magical orchestra instruments and then winds up chasing it through a 3-D montage of various Disney musical numbers.  It was one of the “4-D” shows that theme parks have; in addition to the 3-D glasses, there were puffs of air and drops of water sent at the audience at the appropriate times.  Very fun.

Some photo memories:

Waiting to enter the auditorium

A bunch of girls, and one or two guys, waiting to get their picture taken with some studdly Disney character… could it be Prince Caspian?

Two of my girls getting their photos taken with Pluto and Goofy

Is this a barbershop quartet with a missing man?  Or is there such a thing as a barbershop trio?

After hitching a ride uptown through “Main Street USA”

The Small World ride lit up at night

At the fireworks show, I did some experimenting with my camera’s manual setting, leaving the shutter open for a second or so.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a tripod and it would have been too short to see over people’s shoulders even if I did!  But I’m happy with capturing the general lights and colors in these photos.

Can you see all the digital camera screens?!  I wonder how many people there were actually watching the fireworks, and how many just saw it through their screens?  I purposefully turned my camera off for part of the show so I could actually enjoy the moment.

And, riding the carosel
I don’t know why, but that’s always one of my favorite rides.


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