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Good to be Home August 22, 2008

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It’s good to be home!

I’ve spent the last two and a half weeks traveling and visiting in China.  Added to my Hong Kong trip (1 week), and that’s a good chunk of travel time out of my first “staying in China” summer.

I hope to, again, post bits and pieces from my travels in the next week or so, once I get the photos organized and have time to think and write.  The posts from Hong Kong in July are finally all posted now, and that about does it for my blogging energy today.

But, before I go, a few photos of my summer knitting.

Mittens, given to my hosts in Beijing.  Sized almost-12-months.  Hopefully they fit their daughter this winter; she was born this March.

A mesh bag, holding my Olympic tickets and other things, just outside the stadium (but looking across the street).  Stretchy, isn’t it?

One mitten.  (Number two will be done after the Ravelympics, since number one was done before.)

I worked on my socks some more.  One is all finished but the binding off, and the other has a few inches to go.  This picture, sadly, is old, but at least you can see that they’re both past the heel.

Three hats for kids.

And finally, I tried my hand at making tawashi, which are little scrubbies for dishes or the shower.  Here are two of the three; the other one was practice for a Christmas present, so I’m now showing it here in case the intended recipient sees it.

I’ve also started two other small-ish projects, but don’t have pictures of them yet.  Busy summer!


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