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Latest from Life 09-07-08 September 7, 2008

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So, here’s the run-down on what’s been keeping me busy lately.

I’ve been baking a lot of bread recently.  For example,

English muffins right after I got back from Beijing, to replenish my frozen supply of breakfast food.  Most are round, but when I managed to cut five round ones from one piece of dough, it left such a perfect star, I though I’d cook it that way.

Beer bread with as many different types of beer and flour as I can manage.  Recipe courtesy of A Year in Bread.

(By the way, does anyone know what that is?  I’ve tried the flour now in half a loaf, but I have no idea what they powdered to make it – I just know from the clerk’s pointing that it’s those things, ground up.)

Then, from the same blog, some potato bread, and some cinnamon rolls prepared last night and baked at meeting this morning, of which I don’t have a picture.  And some “Maple Wheaten Bread” yesterday from a book about cooking 200+ years ago in America (recipes adapted for modernt cooking).

Needless to say, I’ve already made a big dent in my new bag of flour, and I’m glad I bought more than one package of yeast.  The great thing about the beer bread, though, is that it requires no yeast, and goes from start to first-bite in an hour and a quarter!

Also keeping me busy is regular school business, and the getting-started work, such as:

making the calendar pieces for September.  Thankfully I can re-use last November’s pieces for October, so I won’t have to make more till late next month when I make new November pieces.  (My class started in November last year, so I have pieces for Nov, Dec, Mar, Apr, May, and Jun.  And now Sept.)

Last night I watched the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games in Beijing.  Or rather, the girls watched most of it and completed their homework assignment about it, and I watched parts of it.  I saw a lot of the Parade of Nations, but during the interesting parts, I was mostly kneading dough or on the phone with my mother as she uploaded pictures from her and my father’s summer trip (see them here!)  If you didn’t see it (and in the US you COULDN’T see it, because NBC decided there’s no money in it and won’t be showing ANY Paralympic events live OR tape-delayed on ANY of their stations – I know, terrible, isn’t it?), try to see some of it online, if any of it survives long enough on places like YouTube before the big networks pull it down again.  Supposedly Universal Sports will have it online to watch… perhaps here?  Many of the performances were done by people with handicaps – deaf dancers in white dresses, a blind pianist, a girl in a wheelchair who lost a leg in the earthquake getting her dream to do ballet with many other dancers being her “legs” (see it to understand), etc… and way they lit the torch was “awesome” in the original sense of the word!  In my opinion, it was a much nicer ceremony than the Olympics Opening (or closing) Ceremony in August.  Maybe I’m just out of touch with culture?  I haven’t much liked much of any opening/closing ceremony entertainment that I’ve seen that I can remember.  But this one seemed less pretentious and less weird, and I genuinely enjoyed what I saw of it.

While bored with the Parade of Nations, some silliness ensued.

And today, after meeting, I got myself a new bike!  Here it is being fitted with the basket I chose (it has a lid),…

…and being loved on by Kayla.  (That’s Carl and Becky in the background of the first picture.)

It was a long, wet ride home.  I didn’t want to try the bike poncho until I was comfortable controlling it while able to see my hands.  Finally the rain was getting in my eyes too much to see well and drive safely, so I parked under a bridge and put it on.  It helped some, though it still didn’t keep all the water out of my eyes.  I guess electric-biking on rainy days is best avoided unless strictly necessary.  A helmet is next on my list of things to buy, and at the moment the new blue bike is parked safely in a guarded garage in my complex.  I’ll “personalize” it soon, too, in hopes that that will keep it from being as likely prey to thieves when parked in the open.  I’m sure I’ll write more about it at some point when I’ve had more experience using it.

So, that’s what’s going on here.  Hooray for life!


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