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Happy back September 13, 2008

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The big shout of joy this weekend is that my washing machine is now connected, in a water-tight way, to the spigot.  Hooray!  I no longer have to pay attention to it throughout the 40-min or so cycle, so as to pause it when it tries to fill itself with water (nothing like a burned out motor to ruin your day), nor do I have to dump three very-full or four moderately-full 5-gallon buckets into it three times per cycle.   My back is happy, and what amazing freedom!  I can bake and do laundry at the same time, for instance!

Today’s baking – whoops, there goes the third fill, I’d better put the softener in.  I guess I’m not completely free, then!  Anyway, I made blondies for the first time (notice the little quality-tested corner), recipe from “The Joy of Cooking,” doubled.

I also tried out a recipe for persimmon yeast bread.  I won’t get to taste the bread tonight, it’ll finish too late, but I hope it’s good.  It’s a basic white/whole-wheat mix with the addition of the fruit pulp and some spices.  It seems to have risen and proofed well, though since I’m making one loaf and six large rolls, they can’t bake at the same time, so we’ll see how that affects the rolls by the time they get their turn in the oven.  It’s my first time adapting a bread machine recipe for regular baking, so I hope I did it right (just winging it based on all the other breads I’ve baked recently – is there supposed to be some special system to it?)

Anyway, it’s been a good day.  The handyman also fixed the hinges on my closet/wardrobe doors that had almost fallen off in the last couple days, fixed a couple small things that I could have fixed myself if I’d wanted to hunt for the perfect-sized screw, and put new spigots on the kitchen taps as well (one hot, one cold).  Sadly, he couldn’t fix the electrical socket in the bathroom near the washing machine, so I each time I use the machine I still have to man-handle the cord into a power strip in the next room in the spot where the microwave is supposed to plug in.  But that’s fine – it’s certainly the smallest task of doing laundry!

fresh from the oven

Time to hang up clean laundry!


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