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Picnic in the Park, September Version September 15, 2008

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Yesterday was the second picnic/cookout in the park; the first we had was right about the same time I started this blog back in the spring.  This time, like the last, it was basically a beautiful day – warm and sunny and even some blue sky showing between bits of cloud!

I invited Melissa and she invited a school friend, and the three of us, along with Lloyd, took a taxi across the city to the new district park.  This time I was able to direct the taxi right to the entrance of the park, instead of being dropped off two blocks away!

We played frisbee, stood around and talked, ate yummy food, and then sat on blankets in the shade on the grass and talked some more.  All of my pictures are from that time, near the end of the picnic.

Deb and Sarah

Melissa and her friend

self-portrait with Teagen

Kelly and her foster daughter

Mike and Lloyd




Teagen and Deb, with Becky in the background and Carl’s hand in the foreground

On a side note, the blondies I made the evening before the picnic were extremely well-recieved, with two requests for the recipe despite the fact that the bottoms were rather black (drat my oven with its broken top heating element!), and I’m also very happy with the bread I made for myself.  The rolls give off a whiff of spices that makes me think I’m about to bite into a hot cross bun, but beacuse I didn’t put any raisins in, they’re pretty much just plain bread.  The loaf is very nice, rose higher than most other bread I’ve made lately (for some reason it never rises as higher than it is wide), and when I sliced it this morning, I managed to get nice, thin, “bread-store” slices (usually my slices are really thick).  I guess it pays to let the crust soften a bit before slicing.  It was the best toast I’ve had in ages!


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