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Fall is in the air September 28, 2008

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Fall is in the air: hold your breath, or you may drown in it!

The last couple of days have been cold and rainy – the perfect weather for things like staying home and sipping chicken soup.  I couldn’t stay home, but the chicken soup and garlic herb bread I made turned out pretty good (just not good together, oddly enough).  The first space heater is out and working, though I can barely tell from four feet away; I’ll have to get out number two soon.  I can’t believe there are still TWO MONTHS until they turn on the radiators!  That’s two months and a week before the temperature in here has a reasonable base-line, because it takes a week for the heat to really soak into the walls, floors, and furniture enough to feel the difference.  *sigh and shiver*

Here’s a picture of Dan taking advantage of the umbrella being opened up to dry:

And, in the interest of fairness, here’s one of Daisy, watching their toy for a sign of movement:

And one of Violet, looking out on the world from the play tunnel I brought back for them from Ikea in Beijing:

And all three together, just because it’s cute:

Violet is currently recovering very well from surgery (she was spayed); thanks very much to my father for sending on extra flea collars (you see above only Dan had one before); and that’s the end of the cat section of this post, I promise!

In other news, I learned how to order from TaoBao!  It took two visits from a Chinese friend and his help over the phone as well, but I managed to get an account with the Chinese online marketplace TaoBao (similar to eBay Marketplace, I suppose – no auctions, just stuff for sale), and a second account with the a Chinese site similar to PayPal on which to put money.  Then was the trip to the bank to give them money and get a receipt that would transfer it to the online account… finding the right blanks to fill in to do that, picking the item to buy (that was the fun part), and getting it ordered and the money transferred correctly.  When it came, some poor random student had to sign for it and phone me from the school gate (all my mail is sent to the college’s address), then wait for me to get there to take it from her so she could go about her business.  Then home I came to open it and try it out (the other fun part)!  I’ll be sure to post pictures once I actually use it for anything – for now, it will be the mystery purchase.

Not a mystery: this skirt, one of two made by nearby tailors for me.  I’m still not sure I like having it end where it does (mid-calf), but somehow I do like the overall effect, mostly because of the compliments it’s received!

They also made this blouse, which wrinkles far too easily to be worn much – my own fault for choosing this fabric.

Right now I’m listening to.. Wolfborough!  Wow, McCain had a Town Hall Meeting in Wolfborough, New Hampshipre!  Neat.  OK, sorry.  Yeah, so right now I’m listening to the presidential debate.  It was on during class Saturday morning here, so this is my first chance to listen.  I’m getting tired of it now, fifty minutes in, but I don’t know how to find my place again if I stop, so I’m letting it play and only half listening.  I wonder if reading the transcript would be any better?  I just wish they’d answer the question. Too bad we can’t give them Veritaserum along with a dose of brevity potion before they speak.  (Can you avoid the question when you take Veritaserum as long as you don’t speak lies?  Like say, “I don’t want to tell you where the treasure is hidden, so let me tell you what I ate for dinner last night.”  Hm, that would prove a problem, since they’re doing a lot of that, but I doubt it.)  OK, back in the real world my slow internet connection finally overcame the audio feed, and it’s stopped playing about 2/3 through.  Hopefully I can find my place later.  Do I really hope that?  I think I’ll go look at the transcript first… but not until tomorrow!

Oh, and happy National Day!  It’s China’s anniversary of some sort Wednesday, thus the week off of school this week.  And there was great rejoicing 😉


2 Responses to “Fall is in the air”

  1. Darlene Bowling Says:

    Beautiful kitties! I have three cats, too. My kids here keep threatening to call me “cat woman” if I get any more.

  2. […] peeler-corer-slicer (not the mystery mail mentioned before – photos of that in use have gone missing but will hopefully be located soon) was a wonderful find […]

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