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Cook-Out October 5, 2008

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Everything tastes better in the open air (at least when it’s sunny, temperate air).

Today was our monthly get-together and we had a cook-out at the new apartment complex where several of us live – not me, mind you.  It’s WAY on the other side of town from me.  Oddly enough, the two times I’ve been there before I’ve taken my new bike.  Go figure!  But it’s good to know it can make it that far on its battery, even if it’s not fully-charged, and it’s fun to be free to travel like that.

In fact, I was just over there Thursday evening.  Some of us un-attached people here (I don’t like the term “singles,” I think because of “singles groups” in US fellowships kind of feel like left-overs, so lately I’ve used “un-attached,” which is especially fitting because most of the “attached” people I know are very attached – as in, spouse plus multiple children)… anyway, we had talked about having a progressive dinner, but due to holiday traffic and people getting sick, it couldn’t happen, so there was a small potluck instead.  As it turned out, it was all ladies who showed up at Sarah’s apartment, and the informal, comfortable time of chatting and eating that followed was beyond wonderful.  The (co-ed but also all-un-attached-people) coffee-shop discussion that led to the original idea started me realizing that I miss this kind of hang-out time, but I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I got home Thursday night.  It was just so good to be with other people at a similar place in their lives; the fact that were were of similar cultural backgrounds and all female was an even more relaxing, nice change for the evening, too.  And of course the food was fabulous in its totally un-planned way – first cake, then sausages, a salad, rolls, and cinnamon raisin pretzels.  I’m probably forgetting something, but it wasn’t much, just enough to feel bountiful but not wasteful.

Today I took a taxi rather than my bike (I’ve got a cold), but the food and fellowship out there was also wonderful.  Mike and Carl grilled up hot dogs and chicken, and after the meal, with its various side-dishes, we had my contribution: s’mores and some brown-sugar-cinnamon apples that had baked on the coals while the meat was cooking.  Yum!  It was loads of fun, even though a certain someone who shall remain nameless pulled my knitting needles out of my current project to use as drum-sticks 😉  (I wasn’t smiling at the time, but the stitches were recovered with no harm done aside from a little dust being added to the project.)  Photos of the cook-out follow.

in full swing just before eating

speaking of swing: These are one part of the Chinese playground-exercise-station collection that features in many apartment complexes and school athletic fields.  Sara, Hannah (or Kayla?), and Pat.

a little post-lunch swinging, as well.  Peter and Carl…

…and Ling and Sarah.

Roasted marshmallows… (Andrew, Sara, and Pat)

…plus crackers and chocolate… (Pat and Andrew behind Chitty and Ling)

…equals S’mores! Sarah and Teagen chow down.

Yum! Me.

Chloe guards the leftover food

new lives growing

sing-along. Wang, Kelly, and Mike.

stacking stools

chatting – Deb, Elvis, and Sarah, with Cherie sniffing the grass in the background.  She loved it out there, as did we all (even the flies and bees)!

Tomorrow school starts back up for real.  I hope I’m ready.


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