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Finishing off the old, starting the new January 13, 2009

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The new year is here, school is out for the holiday, and it’s time to bring some things to an end!


-The Christmas decorations taken down and neatly put away (video here from Jan 1)

-All paper grading – *whew!*

-Averaging and turning in all scores – and I was even given my schedule for next semester, hooray!  I LOVE working with Hao Jing in the office, she’s generally so efficient most and easy to work with about schedules and such – and her English is great!  I’ll only teach three days a week for the school next term, and none of my classes go past 4pm, so I’ll always get home by 5.

-Children’s classes for this semester

-Transcribing my way-overdue segments of “PotterCast”

-My yearly “shopping” at WalMart and Barnes & Noble and Amazon – with my family’s help, I’ve gotten the things I need that I haven’t been to the US to buy this year, and some fun things as well, and we/they’re going to mail it all to me (we’ll split shipping) to arrive around my birthday later this month.  Expensive, but much less so than a round-trip airfare!

a few of the items on my “shopping list” this year

-Lots of knitting projects:

  • A hat that just needed a button bought and sewn on and a flap sewn down (for… I don’t know who!)

  • A panda, a late Christmas gift for Teagen
  • A “Clapotis” shawl, a late Christmas gift for Mom, made in a silk and cotton blend that’s very soft… I’ll wait to get a photo from her wearing it before I post a picture of the whole shawl
  • A little tawashi for me, similar to the one I gave my Dad for Christmas, which also arrived late but was at least sent almost-on-time!
  • A hat for Ryan and Amy’s little girl to match the mittens I made and gave her last summer when I stayed with them in Beijing

-And, finally given because I forgot at Christmas, the “Candy Cane Stripes” hat and mit set I made last summer.

Now if I could just finish the pair of socks I’ve been knitting since my mom gave me the “self-striping” yarn for my birthday last year!  But, alas, I’ve already started another project!


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