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Happy Feet January 29, 2009

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This week I have happy feet! Why?

Two reasons:  I have finished knitting the socks I started last year, just in time for Chinese New Year (when one wears new clothes) and my birthday (when it’s been a year since my mom bought me the yarn)!

And because a large package from home arrived.  Among other things were new white Hanes socks, and new Dr. Scholls insoles!  Hip-hip-hooray, and thank you, Jordan, Mom, and Dad!

I also have a happy stomach – the cheese crackers from the box (thanks again, family!) and a few other imported/specially-made foods I treated myself to here are giving me a week of celebration.

And, since you asked: 29, for the first and only time 😉

Two other recent projects: a muff for a child and painting the second of three walls in my spare room.


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