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Coming together May 15, 2009

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With the new job settled, the plethora of other big and small details to settle are coming together. I’m feeling good about it today, so much seems to be working out and getting done. Here’s a quick look at what I’ve been able to cross off my to-do list lately, and what still remains:

Attend summer training in the US: (3.5/8 done)
-Get the OK to leave ZZ before my contract ends
-Move up my last four classes so I’ll be done in time
-Buy plane tickets from China to the US, to training, to VA, and back to China
-Buy tickets to and from my international flight in Shanghai
-Find accommodations in Chicago, preferably with a friend, for the night I’m there on the way
-Fill out all the forms and personality tests required for the training
-Buy some short-term medical insurance for while I’m in the US
-Finish grading everything possible ASAP so I can dive into research-paper grading when all 70 of them are turned in next Thursday

Prepare to move:
-Contact my landlady about when I’m leaving, getting back my deposit and hopefully the August rent I already paid since I’m leaving in July, possibly selling her my two air conditioners, and suggesting a new tenant
-Figure out how to move my things to a new city – I just heard from Sandy that I can send things by train for 2.3 yuan per kilo, as long as it’s all in bags or boxes (ie, no furniture, no electric bike). They provide door-to-door service and even sell empty boxes and bags (what, a packaging supply shop?!? Something I’ve never seen in China.) This is great except it doesn’t answer my question about how much to budget for the move, as I have absolutely no idea how much my books, clothes, kitchen supplies, and other things weigh. 200kg? 1000kg? Probably somewhere between those two numbers! At least I know it’s not going to cost 5000 yuan or anything, as I was thinking it might – that would equal almost 5000 pounds of stuff!
-Sell my bike, apparently, as well as selling the small pieces of furniture I own and my dining table and chairs set
-Figure out what to do with my cats

Prepare for the new job
-Visit the new school and city, to find out all I can about the curriculum, students, school culture, etc before the summer, and to see what kinds of things I’ll want to pick up in the States for both my classroom and my apartment this summer. Hopefully I can do this later this month, or in early June, though pushing my end-of-term schedule forward by a week has made me even more busy in the weeks leading up to my departure.
-Fill out yet more forms that come with employment at the school
-Be in contact with lots of people there – I’ve already been in touch with four or five different people at the school about various things, including one biggie:
-Renew my residence permit before I leave, because it will expire while I’m in the US… or, get the paperwork started to get a new visa, so I can get it while I’m in the US.

Say goodbye to everybody!
-Hopefully I’ll have some sort of goodbye party, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to squeeze one in in June, and then in July lots of foreign friends will be out of town, so… who knows.

And that’s not everything on my to-do list. But I’m cheerful because I’ve finished absolutely everything I wrote on my to-do list for the week last weekend! Admittedly, it was an incomplete list – I didn’t write down to order my dad’s birthday gift, but I thankfully remembered to do so; I also didn’t write down to finish planning tomorrow morning’s lesson, which I still need to do today. But… *runs for pen* Aaaah! It feels wonderful to cross off that last item!

Hoping your week has also been a productive one,


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