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Too much to say… September 8, 2009

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…for a Facebook status update.  Definitely too much for a tweet.  So here it is, take your pick, they’re all my status as of sometime today.


was amused at the variety of cultures, accents, and languages at this afternoon’s staff meetings.

am, thanks to my math curriculum’s year-long “Length of Day” project, painfully aware that I now get up every morning before the sun, and will therefore continue to do so for the next seven months, until it starts getting up earlier than me again.

managed to spend less than 2000 yuan on Sch*lastic book orders when I turned them in today.  Plus a hundred dollars or so worth of bonus points books, of course.  (The fact that the majority of my last paycheck is already safe in my US account and there is still half a month till the next paycheck in no way explains why I was able to stick to so reasonable a budget.  Really.)

fervently hope that tomorrow’s fire drill goes smoothly and I don’t forget my attendance book.  Not that I can’t take attendance of ten children without it.  Just that I’d feel un-teacherly.

love rediscovering that I live near the ocean when I walk home from the bus in the afternoon/evening on days I don’t have to do errands along the main road.  It’s right behind my complex, but that’s the only time I see it, so I forget it’s there half the time!

really look forward to when people stop running their AC units (it’s in the 60’s this evening, why are they still on?) so that I’ll be able to hear the ocean again from my bedroom window.

am completely done in, and aim to get to bed ASAP.


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