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Remodeling plans, beginning September 20, 2009

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So, here’s the wall in my room that I decided on my first day here had potential. The other suite in the apartment already had some awesome book-display-shelves and cabinets built in, but thankfully the roommie has turned that space into her own domain and loved the teal wall with birds and branches (I like the pattern, but NOT the color – glad it’s in her room!).  I was sorry not to have the shelves already built in like she has, but I was willing to trade them for the potential of this room.  Her room’s already painted, accessorized, and gorgeous, but that’s a whole other post.  I’m planning to work on mine, sometime… (if you know me, you know what that means).  But I’ve taken the first step, and so my journey of a thousand translations, explanations, searches, ma-fan’s, and kuai has begun. Back to the space.  I bought the wardrobe in the corner because, well, I needed some storage, like, right now, and it was available and cute and I’d never bought a wardrobe before!  I don’t know what I’ll do with it if I go forward with my plan, ’cause it really isn’t part of it.  Maybe it can fit elsewhere in my room.  But probably it’ll have to go.  Sad pandas.  But I’m not too terribly attached to it yet, as all it does right now is hold my shoes, and my new shelving unit would have a place for that that’s fitted to them a bit better!  Well, and it provides me with a good full-length mirror, which I will dearly miss, even if I did have to stand back by the door to get a look at myself because of all the stuff piled against the wall in front of the mirror! And this is my grand plan. (totally-out-of-proportion drawing with measurements that include the molding at the top and bottom of the wall, the door frame, and even the radiator cover and indentation in the wall that covers the pipes in the corner.  Back when I thought I might include that area with some teeny-tiny mini-shelves!) 1:10 scale drawing (well, it is on my paper; I don’t know about your screen!)  (That’s the light switch on the left, by the way.  The door isn’t in the drawing because my paper wasn’t 35.1cm wide.) My grand plan.  Or mostly.  I’ve already thought of a pair or tweaks to the bookshelves near the top.  Basically, the 4×4 grid would be immobile (though part of it right in the middle would be just a small frame, not a full wall-between-shelves, unless I’m told in no uncertain terms that that’s completely unstable, and the two big storage spaces with doors on the left and right bottom might not have that shelf in the middle of them), and the rest of it would be adjustable, with the possible exception of the yarn cubbies – depends if such things can be built non-permanently!  Here’s a gorgeous picture from HelloYarn (hosted on my own Photobucket account, not hotlinked) Pretty, eh?  Not that mine would be so pretty; the cubbies would be a little larger and the yarn not so uniformly cute.  But still, a nice way to see what I have and much better than the tacky plastic baskets they’re in right now (because B&Q doesn’t have the pretty, affordable wicker baskets I used to buy from Home Depot but didn’t ship). So, each of the 16 rectangular sections is 60cm x 50cm, and most are sub-divided, the top will be a place to stick “decor” items and will extend across the top of the door, possibly with lighting above, there will be glass doors on much of the top half (if possible) to keep the humidity here out of my books and yarn, wood doors on the bottom to hide storage, no backing to the top half so the pretty wall color I’ll chose can show through, not attached to the wall any more than necessary (hopefully not necessary at all), and that’s the plan, Stan. Advice, tips, comments, suggestions, gushing expressions of delight?  Please comment!


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