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Welcome, 2010 January 1, 2010

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A new year has begun.  I guess that’s not a huge surprise, it happens every 12 months, but as this is only my 29th (well, I was 8 months along 30 years ago, so I was probably aware of the party outside my mama’s belly – can I count it?), I’m still kinda jazzed.  Actually, even when I’ve had 80, I hope I still get excited by the New Year.  I haven’t always had stellar get-togethers – ’99-’00 stands out in my memory as me being home alone and kinda miffed that I wouldn’t need the candles and stuff for Y2K – but generally I get to play some games with friends and eat a bit of junk food and feel like I have a good reason for being up so late, so I enjoy the holiday.  Taking down the Christmas decorations with the family the next morning is kind of nice, too, though I miss that here.

This is not going to be a look-back-on-2009 post, but just a wrap-up of this evening’s festivities.  Here’s a link to a very short video of the moment of the new year arriving, more or less (we actually just picked a time and counted down – no TV and the ball in NY wouldn’t be dropping for another 13 hours), followed by a few pictures.


The party was at the Thompsons’ house – they have 4 kids and a gorgeous 2-story apartment at the top of their building.  Is that what you call a penthouse apartment?  It’s how I think of this sort of apartment.  I’ve been in one or two before, and I always like it, though I liked theirs best of all partly because the building’s only 5-6 stories tall rather than 7-8!


You can tell a happenin’ party by the size of the shoe pile; you can also tell a family that entertains by the size of the slipper stash!  Most people chose to go in stocking feet, so there were lots of extra slippers, but I was pretty happy to find some big warm fuzzy ones to keep my toes toasty!


Some of the kids played board games, either on the computers or on the floor…


…some sat and talked or did magic tricks…


..some played video games… (I got to try a Wii for the first time. Meh, it’s just as hard to steer a car on the Wii as it was on our old Atari. Sigh…)


…some were more into music, either with their MP3 players or actual instruments.  A few of them were going to record a song, though I didn’t hear whether they did it.

There was also some basketball practice and a game of Capture the Flag outside for a sizable chunk of the evening, but no one over 20 took part in that as far as I know!


Meanwhile, the adults (and some of the kids) played games like Dutch Blitz and Uno, or just talked, while enjoying the various snacks people had brought.

I joined Dutch Blitz for one hand, and then I jumped into the Uno game for several rounds around 11, after crocheting, talking, etc, earlier in the night.  The Uno game was crazy-fast, with 9 people playing a version I had not yet experienced – you can jump in with your card any time it exactly matches the top card, even if it’s nowhere near your turn.  My first hand, someone on the other side of the circle put down a Wild Draw-Four, and the person next to me put one on top of it, and I had to draw eight!  It got most confusing when people would pile on the reverses, because then play changed locations and you had to figure out which way it was now going!  It took me a couple hands to get used to it, but then it was fun.


Around 12:45 I accepted a ride home in the van with the Pattisons (whose kids are visiting from the States), along with Stephanie and the Fentons.  Lisa Fenton bought Ethan a puppy for Christmas – that reversal of the pet policy is being taken advantage of already!  The Thompsons have new pets, too – Merry and Pippin, two young cats who briefly escaped the bathroom in which they were shut for the party.  Helping get them back out from under the couch was probably the most unexpected thing that I did at the party, but it was nice to hold the one I caught for a moment!  Just a few months and I’ll have a cat or two again, too, Father willing!


Happy New Year, ya’ll!


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