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Surfaces June 10, 2010

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While I’m waiting for the movers, I thought I’d post a few photos from the moving process.

On Monday, Teng Ayi and Arry helped me pack the kitchen and bathroom; I’d already packed the living room and gotten a start on the bedroom.  Tuesday, I finished the bedroom and most of the other bits and pieces I’d missed along the way.  I took these photos of some surfaces in my room that I have seldom seen since moving in:

Where my trunk sat under the window

Where I was going to build shelves but never did – for once free of its pile of stuff

I don’t think I’ve seen the top of my dresser since I moved in!

The back of my wardrobe. (I love the little motion-sensor light I got at Ikea!)

Yesterday (Wednesday), Teng Ayi and I went to the new place to pick up the keys and give it a top-to-bottom cleaning.  Here are a few more photos.

Starting to clean the dining room table

Isn’t it lovely?!

She did the kitchen and bedrooms (and en-suite bathroom); I did the DR/LR and smaller bathroom. Yeah, she rocks!

Bucket and rag on newly-clean counter-top between dining and living room

Dining room floor leading to the kitchen door

Second-bedroom floor

Taking the dusty plastic off the toilet seat lid in the smaller bathroom

I’ve come to realize as I spend more time in this apartment that I’ve been really blessed.  This is basically a new apartment.  The owner hired a re-modeler when she bought it, and aside from forgetting to put hot water in the kitchen and not fixing the low lintel of the larger bathroom (thus letting water leak into the other room and mold the walls a bit), he did a pretty good job.  She then put some pictures on the wall, a few pots and pans and bottles of vinegar and soy sauce in the kitchen, vases of fake flowers on several surfaces, even toothbrushes and toothpaste in the bathrooms and a book on the bedside table.  I think the idea was to give the effect of “home” to prospective renters, though perhaps her family lived there for a short time and somehow forgot those when they moved out?  Anyway, it’s in really great shape.  There was little serious scrubbing yesterday, more simply wiping with a wet cloth or three to get rid of the accumulated dust.  When I first rented a place in ZZ, I had to put in major elbow grease in the kitchen to get rid of the layer of cooking-smoke-grease and the dust that had settled onto it.  It was like tacky yellow glue that would smear all but the toughest sponges while still leaving a layer on the walls, counters, etc.  The edges of the floors near the walls throughout the apartment also had a layer of dirt that my old ayi and I had to scrub and scrub to remove.  This place is lovely.  PTL, to have two “easy” moves in a row, as far as cleaning goes!

There is still work going on in the apartment over the next several days – a shower stall to be installed, screens being made for the windows, a water heater to buy for the kitchen, phone and internet service to turn on, and this little project:

The porch, post-demolition

And of course the movers going in and out this wet afternoon will probably get it a bit muddy, though the four floors of stairs between the outside and my front door should get most of it!

With all that, the apartment’ll need a good washing again sometime next week, but at least we’re starting with a relatively clean slate, and not adding dirt to dirt.  And the windows and couches and such should stay relatively clean – so I can sit down and relax in between it all!

I’d like to get better at taking people-pictures, and not just photos of things, but that’s what I’ve got for now.


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