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Meet my class August 28, 2010

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School has started, and I wanted to post a quick little blog with a photo of the kids. We tried to get a photo in the hall in front of this year’s board-of-many-hours (the northern hemisphere, made for the Flat Stanley unit; last year it was the sailboat from Time of Wonder, my opening-of-school book).  Of course, the hallway’s too narrow for that – as I’ve found before – but eventually I got one with them all in, and thankfully by that take, their smiles and personalities were showing through.  I think it was the grace of the Father rather than my photographic skill, and I love this photo!

Meet 3A for 2010-11.

The kids are a great bunch.  12 students, 5 boys, 7 girls, 2 Americans, 1 Indonesian, 1 Canadian, 8 Koreans, 2 new this year, 2 new last semester and 1 moved up from first to second last semester, at a variety of places in their English and math and other skills, and with oh so many interests and personality quirks and friends and experiences!  I can’t wait to get to know them better, and to see them grow this year!

Happy start-of-school!


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