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International Day September 21, 2010

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Photos from International Day!
International Day 004
Ready for some Tai Kwon Do!

International Day 009
Traditional Korean Han Bok

International Day 012
Different ways to show Korean heritage

International Day 002 International Day 013
American girls

International Day 010 International Day 014
Showing Chinese heritage, Indonesian ancestry, and my Japanese connection.

International Day 015
Brothers! (One in my class, one in the other third grade class)

Last year I got plenty of pictures of kids doing the International Day activities, but this year WE had to organize and run the activities (last year parents did it), so this year I was too busy to take any photos after the day began.  I’ll post one more here if I get it off the server; one was snapped of me and a group of students when they’d just finished making the two-color origami stars I taught them.


3 Responses to “International Day”

  1. Beverly/Mom Says:

    Thanks for showing us the photos. It’s great to view what’s going on!

  2. Beverly/Mom Says:

    Who is the woman in the photo to your left? The girl’s mom?

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