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Go Figure (or, Why My Facebook Status Hasn’t Updated March 14, 2011

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So apparently, with all the unrest in the world, the currently-meeting legislature (or whatever the big group of people is called here) decided to tighten control, and managed to block some serious private networks. But I hear they also unblocked some blog sites, intentionally or not, so I’m having a go at this from my phone right now. If you’re reading it, obviously it posted!

I had a totally stupendous time at the company women’s retreat this past weekend. It was definitely worth the time and money invested (though I’m sad it coincided with our biannual scholastic order AND the month we sent money to the States, meaning I won’t be able to afford my usual large number if additional books for the classroom!) a group of women came from the States to minister to us and they were a huge blessing. Various other women from the company shared some of what they’ve learned throughout life, and/or in the last few months or years. There was delicious food, fabulous favors, beautiful rooms with the most heavenly bed I’ve ever met, and lots and lots of good conversation with women, edifying & relaxing by turns. A wonderful weekend.

*Note: apparently I can get on with my lovely handheld even though not with the regular way. Yay!


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