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One of the Wannabes May 8, 2011

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Well, it’s Mother’s Day, and this entry IS about motherhood, but it’s not about my Mom. (Sorry, Mom! I do love you so very much!)

Today at fellowship there was an insert in the usual printed matter, between song titles, announcements, and the passages of the day.  It was a print-out of a six-paragraph blog entry by Wendy Alsup titled “For Moms, Former Moms, and Wannabe Moms.”  I started reading it there but half-way through I realized that it was going to hit home for me, so I saved it until I would have time to process it alone.

I am still chewing on what she wrote (well, it’s been less than an hour since I finished reading it!), but I wanted to share it with everyone else while it’s still Mother’s Day here as well as in the West.

There were too many good lines for me to pick just one or two – believe me, I tried! I ended up wanting to quote the whole first four paragraphs – so I really encourage you to click over and read it.

Back?  OK. One facet of it that really hit home for me was her statement that “In heaven, you will have no longing for something you missed.  You will not be disappointed. May confidence in that hope sustain you.”  That is true.  I have known it is true for years. It is true about all things, not just being a mother, whether they be big things (being a wife, seeing the world) or small things (watching a great new TV show, reading all of your favorite author’s books, getting to the perfect weight).  I am convicted to keep checking my thoughts and actions to see if they line up with that confidence I am supposed to have but don’t always feel.  In heaven, I won’t care that I didn’t read this great new novel the library got!  A daily struggle over how I use my time.  That’s a total tangent from what the article was about, but it’s a powerful truth on so many levels.  And it always reminds me of what C. S. Lewis wrote about chocolate in his book Miracles 🙂

Another facet that got to me was the way she said, “While you are disappointed in deep ways and that disappointment is real, you will one day sit with J. in heaven profoundly content with his work in you through this disappointment.”  I have not yet anywhere near given up hope of having children, but to acknowledge that it is a possibility… wow. And then the point, that He will work in and through me for His glory, not just “no matter the circumstance” (ie “oh it’s so terrible but somehow he’ll make something good from all the badness”) but specifically in such a disappointment or during such a period of longing… Yeah, just go read the whole article.  She is so wonderfully tender in the way she writes and I wish every woman could read it, no matter their current mom-status.


One Response to “One of the Wannabes”

  1. Bev/Mom Says:

    Yes. I read it. True, and I have learned something from it, too. It still hurts, but He Will use it. Mmm. Too hard to put my responses into words.

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