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Two songs for the Wannabes May 9, 2011

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I had meant to put these on yesterday’s blog, but forgot.  I’d like to share two songs that connect with the theme of contentment in C, apart from any roles (mother, wife, or single person) one may or may not have.

Yesterday we sang “I’d Rather Have J,” a great old song that I like.  I felt yesterday that the lyrics weren’t quite tailored to me, unless you stretch them a bit – perhaps having “houses or land” could mean having a household to care for?  But it’s still a great song.  To go a bit on a tangent, it also suffers from the same grammatical confusion as the song that first taught me what it was to be picky about grammar.  (Cue a flashback!)

When I was in second or third grade, our elementary put on the musical “Angels Aware!” (which apparently beat Yahoo! to the trick of having an exclamation point as part of the title and making punctuation of surrounding sentences awkward.)  One of the songs was about the Ten Commandments, and has stuck with me through the years – I never learned them by rote from Exodus or Deuteronomy, but I know what they say and in what order because I can still sing that song!  A pair of lines went thus:

Number Seven: Life is heaven when you’re true to your mate.
Number Eight: Don’t steal and break this rule for goodness’ sake!

Makes sense, rhymes, gets the point across, no?  Only my classmates were all singing “Don’t steal OR break this rule…” which makes no sense whatsoever if you stop and think about it.  After all, we’re listing the rules; how much sense would it make to say “Don’t drive drunk or break this rule” (or fill in your own example)?  If the rule IS not to steal, there should be an “and,” and if the rule ISN’T to not steal, why on earth are you telling them not to steal, instead of telling them what the mysterious rule is that we aren’t supposed to break? It drove me crazy because I couldn’t make them see the importance of not singing nonsense and correcting it once they’d all learned it incorrectly.  Ah, young Lily, get used to it – life is full of people who don’t think grammar is as important as you believe it to be!

End flash back… this song has a line like that too – going on the theme of “I’d rather have J,” the chorus begins “Than to be the king of a vast domain,/ Or be held in sin’s dread sway.”  Okay, that COULD be the line, but it seems to me what the writer is trying to say is “I’d rather be poor and powerless on the earth and have J than be rich and powerful AND caught in sin.”  Doesn’t that make a better contrast?  Otherwise it seems to imply that two without-J options are (a)be a king (without sin?) or (b) be sinful, which isn’t quite accurate.  Okay, end grammar lesson!

The other song, which has been special to me for a while and also meets my other “think about what you sing” rule of actually being sung TO J, not just ABOUT Him, is “Enough.”

“All of you is more than enough for all of me,
For every thirst and every need.
You satisfy me with your love,
‘Cause all I have in you is more than enough.”

It is so true, whether sung with conviction or with faith that feels weak.  May that be true for you today as well.


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