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Thoughts from today May 26, 2011

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Field trip + sick (thus absent) teaching assistant + absent (attending 5th grade graduation) PE teacher + high school exams in cafeteria until well into regular lunch time + my turn to teach Social Studies = one very full day.  Instead of the almost-2-hours of prep time I often have (some days more), I had about 20 or 25 minutes to do the work of both myself and my TA. Not a bad day but not one of my best!

Cherries straight from the tree taste great.  Not least because you can just spit the pits on the ground instead of trying to politely get something from your mouth to the appropriate receptical in a dining or living room.

Yarn is one of the most wonderful inventions ever. Not only did my students happily knit during 4+ hours of rehearsals for the spring concert last week, they also played a complex game of cat’s cradle on the way to and from the cherry orchard today.

I’ve been blessed quite without merit or petition three times that I can recognize lately (above and beyond things like a nice apartment, a good job, salvation!)  Twice I woke up, wide awake, ahead of my alarm, and was able to fit in things in the morning that I didn’t realize I’d need to before I woke up.  It saved my morning both times!  And yesterday we welcomed a parent who sent a note asking if she could join the cherry-picking expedition, not knowing Arry would be sick today. I can’t imagine what I’d have done without her.

The guitar is amazing: it’s both so simple – hit these six strings, here are 4 chords, you can now play an almost endless list of songs (if you can find them) – and so complex – wiggle this finger in this chord, move that finger in that chord for a moment, you get a whole new and beautiful sound!  I found one video for each of those things today (see my Facebook wall if you want to watch them).  My left hand hurts when I type now but I’m pretty happy.  Only about 5 days of practice so far, a looooong way to go, but I can play (with pauses) three songs and a million more.

Stella’s bored. She meows, then goes looking for trouble. My problem is I like to procrastinate, so I don’t always respond when she meows!  Time to spray her off the top of the AC, where she is chewing on the pull cord for the curtain, then give her some positive attention so we can both sleep tonight.


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