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Quick Thoughts October 19, 2011

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So instead of a long post here are some quick thoughts:

  1. Life is crazy-busy right now. Crazy. Thus the short thoughts here, instead of a nice long photo-filled post (though I should put one of those up one of these days.)
  2. Sometimes it’s a little difficult not to feel a little bit of resentment for the support staff I work around, who work 8-4:30 and then are finished. No other responsibilities to the school or students, no taking work home with them.  It helps to remember that that’s what they signed up for and NOT what I signed up for, and if I really want to watch someone else teach and not get to teach much of anything myself, I can quit and look for a similar job (though knowing that a job like that wouldn’t be likely to support me if I did find one is another downer – I should know, I’ve been there!)
  3. Something I’ve been learning this year is how “take captive every thought” really comes into play on a practical, moment-by-moment basis… like those thoughts in #2 above!  There’s some Biblical metacognition for ya.  Negative thoughts about myself, my place in life, my students, my co-workers, pretty much anyone and anything depending on the moment – I’m good at having them, I’m often too slow to catch them before they fly out of my mouth (though I’ve been working on that for years), but this year I’m seeing how I can recognize them as contrary to Truth and then reject them!  Focusing on what’s True is hard but worth it.
  4. Speaking of metacognition, I am working on an assignment for my grad class that involved reading and responding to an essay about how really knowing yourself and being at home in yourself helps you be a better teacher.  I’m having to fight the urge to use the term “navel-gazing” in the title of my response to the essay.  I don’t want to be known as the snarky one in class, so so far the side of me that knows how to write properly for academic circles is winning.
  5. His point IS worth some reflection, though – insecure and unhappy people probably don’t make great teachers.
  6. One of the things I am weakest at is keeping patience in my voice, and just today I’ve noticed it slipping (the school year is 1/4 over… the bloom has worn off.)  I see it echoed in the way they speak to each other later in the year… so one of my goals is to guard my tone of voice more carefully and apologize if I catch myself speaking impatiently – no matter how justified I feel in being impatient!  I can do ALL things through HIM who gives me STRENGTH!  Fill me, Spirit, and flow over in patience as well as other fruit.
  7. I am REALLY grateful for the group of kids I’m teaching this year.  They are overall more patient and kind than the ones I’ve had the last couple of years, though even they are not saints, just children, of course!
  8. Unit 4 is beginning in Math… here we go with the really wide spectrum from “don’t know anything at all about multiplication” to “know all the multiplication facts, how to divide, and got a 100% on the unit-end-test-given-as-a-pre-test.”  It’s an opportunity, though an overwhelming one, to hone my craft more in the lovely world of “differentiation” – also known as giving the ones who already know it something educationally valuable to do while the at-grade-level students learn the basics of what their classmates have already mastered.
  9. I want to be able to trust my slow-cooker but haven’t been able to bring myself to leave something hot not only plugged in but turned on all day. Sure, I do it with my drinking water tower, but that’s a lot less likely to catch fire than if my stew dried out!  I’m hoping that next weekend I can make myself some pumpkin soup, apple butter, or other yummy fall goodness.  I’ve got a couple of OATMEAL recipes bookmarked right now too, one pumpkin and one eggnog flavored – perhaps I can leave it plugged in while I sleep on Friday night! *drool*
  10. One fish, two fish, … blue fish. Decipher if you can! (Thanks, Dad, they were good!)

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