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Twenty-First-Century Skills February 14, 2012

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If anyone would like to debate with me the number of hyphens or use of words instead of numerals in the title of this post, I’d love a good grammar/style debate!

This post comes to you from a rabbit trail of an assignment.  “Twenty-first-century skills” (which I cannot type, the letter order in “century” just confuses the heck out of my fingers!) are supposed to be things like building standards-based, collaborative, deep-thinking-and-learning projects instead of rote memorization (because apparently that’s a new idea and this is not just chronological snobbery? ah, well, I’m young, what do I know?), but I got to typing about other things and finally admitted that I needed to take the paragraph out because my classmates don’t need more to read, I personally only get through 3 or 4 other people’s posts and their chains of replies, so I can not only see their POV, I’m in it.  So, here’s the paragraph (and now this one’s threatening to be longer than the excerpt it’s introducing!)

I also find myself pushing basic computer skills things like typing, word processing, e-mail, and using the internet!  Is that even twenty-first-century or is it twentieth-century?  As my group has heard this week, I try to post classroom news on a blog, but often feel like no one’s reading it; I sometimes give homework that involves things online and some students can’t access the internet at home, meaning I have to come up with alternate assignments; and I don’t feel like third graders can do much with blogs, wikis, or other forms of typed-word expression because they can’t type yet: most hunt-and-peck and a few know-where-keys-are-and-peck, which is faster but in the long run not any better.  Should we start teaching typing instead of cursive?  This is becoming a real question on my mind. (Or will keyboards go away once voice recognition improves enough in a decade or less?)



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