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Happy Thoughts February 22, 2012

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Happy thoughts for today

This is a “week off” from grad class, though I’m still trying to get SOME work done on next week’s assignments while I can (it is so difficult for me to work when not under a time crunch), and spending hours on a group project.  I’m glad it’s a “week off,” as work is going slightly crazy this week!

My class historian just e-mailed me a PDF of her report on last Friday’s field trip.  She used various multi-syllabic words and inserted photos she and her sister took.  She originally sent it as an Apple document that I couldn’t open, but when I asked her to try another format she sent this.  I am WAY impressed!  (Parent help or not, it’s still stellar.)

With a group of women here tonight, I started a study on David’s life and how it applies to ours.  So far, it’s good!  Best part on the CD tonight: Patricia Shirrer’s list of descriptions/titles of the One to whom we belong.  Now to do the homework!  We’re spreading it out since we’re all so busy; some will meet each week (to discuss the first half of the homework), and then every second week, when we’ll have slowly finished the “5 days’ worth” of homework, we will all meet to share and listen to the next CD.  I’m grateful that I’ll have the accountability, and also glad I’m hosting it on the evening after my Ayi cleans and after things are due for grad class – no extra stress aside from locking the cat in the bedroom for the evening, and when it’s over, I’m already home!

I made “Crunch in a Cloud” tonight with a box of instant pudding from the States layered with some freshly-whipped cream, sprinkled with home-made Gr8pe Nuts.  I don’t remember eating it since elementary school, but it’s just as fun as I remembered!

The “Brain Pop” free app is a cool way to watch the video of the day, and it streams really well (MUCH better than YouTbe and no VPN needed).  If only it were at my students’ level…  Don’t try the Trainyard EX app if you like puzzles as much as I do, it is a time-sucking vortex!  Now I’ve gotten to the frustration level of it, making it easier not to open it up again, thankfully!

Google Docs is SOOOOOO neat!  I started one up a couple days ago for my group project collaboration, and dumped in the sources I’d found along with an outline and one or two bits of info… and when I opened my browser today, there it was with my group-mates’ additions to the doc!  Everything should be this easy.

One of the people in my group found a neat info-graphic about the flipped classroom (aka reverse instruction, which is the subject of our project).

Oh, and while tonight’s dessert was fast, the batch of Gr8pe Nuts was the slowest thing I think I’ve ever made!  It’s simple – graham flour, soured milk, honey, soda, and salt, spread on a greased pan to bake – but then you have to crumble it all into small crumbs and toast it!  It took several days and 4 episodes of Star Trek to finish.  I’m glad it made about 10 cups’ worth, 2 cups of which are in my granola and 6 cups in the freezer for future granola.

Last night I re-watched the first episode I ever saw of Star Trek: DS9.  It’s the first time I’ve seen it since that time so many years ago when it introduced me to the series.  It’s the “Brigadoon” episode, which is just such a funny-odd way to be introduced to the series!

Final happy thought: Like David, who knew G had established him as king over Israel (1 Chron 14 v 2), I know that G has placed me here and now; whether I’m successful or struggling, He has anointed me with His Spirit, so I have all I need to live His plan!


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