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Adventures in Secure Social School Sites (just getting started) February 28, 2012

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(See previous post for the back-story to this one.)

It’s been an exciting two days of school!  Yesterday I introduced my class of third graders to Edmodo.  As it happened, we also began our first PowerPoint project of the year (ah, CamelCase, how hard thou art to type), but before I get too many tangents away from my topic, I’m just going to say that the PowerPoint started well and that I’m perhaps most excited because, due to the copyright lesson in the last workshop, I contacted the photographer at and got permission for the students to use his photos in their work!  I wanted to dance around a little bit when I got the e-mail back.  I also feel joy when I see his pictures.  Go take a look and you’ll see what I mean.

With such a short time to train on this new site, I didn’t get through many items.  Most are listed in the previous post.  I also looked through the web site’s Rollout Resources page, which had sample letters to parents and sample usage agreements to set up with students.

Yesterday I prepared a page in OneNote, with instructions and a few screen-capped pictures of buttons and things from Edmodo, to print and give to the students.  At the end of the day we only have about 10 minutes after Art on Mondays, so we went to the computer lab, bookbags and all, and got them logged in.  It ended up needing about 15 minutes rather than 10, but they still made the bus and all who were present managed to sign on.  Soon several had filled out the survey on their favorite Special class, and by the end of the evening, 3 had called or texted for help logging in and 4 (including those 3) had completed the first online homework assignment.  The assignment was taken straight from one of the mini-lessons, by the way, and I like it!

Tonight was a whirlwind of activity!  I need to spend some time teaching digital citizenship (deleted one inappropriate comment that was posted as a joke), the uses of this site (deleted about 50 posts and comments that were more like a chat room and two posts that broke the school “English-only” rule, oddly enough by students who don’t speak the language they were posting!), and more features of the site, but I’m glad they are engaged.  I also feel a little like a parent! “How much leeway do I allow? Are they safe online? If a parent sees this page, are they going to be complaining to the principal?” Well, OK, I guess I still feel like a teacher!  Thankfully, a teacher with a very supportive principal 😉 and a great group of class parents as well.

Next on the plan:


  • keep viewing the pre-recorded webinar giving more ideas of ways to use Edmodo, which is currently playing while I type!
  • post a video + quiz about fractions from Scholastic, then ask them to send me a message with their score (so they’ll review the math concept AND so they’ll know the difference between a note to me and one to the whole class).
  • figure out the best way to teach online citizenship and how to use the site without stifling them.
  • write a letter to the parents to tell them about Edmodo and give them their parent code to join as their child’s parent.



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