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1940’s Hair March 4, 2012

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Woo hoo, hundredth post!

These are the links I used to plan my hair and hat for last night’s World-War-II-era murder mystery dinner.

First came the idea for the hat, found thanks to my 3G phone while shopping in Tai Dong and finding that, no, there are no milliners there among all the tailors.  The directions for How to Make a 1940s Pillbox Tilt Hat seemed easy enough, and there was even a photo right at the top showing such hats being worn on 1940’s hair!  I bought some pink wool felt and some gold-and-pink Chinese silk, spending more on those little 1-foot lengths than I’d spent on the rest of the outfit

I had hoped to have a salon style my hair for me based on that picture, but the first said simply that they couldn’t, and the second said that my hair was too short.  Well, they’re right, it is too short for real victory rolls, but obviously that didn’t stop Lisa!

Lisa posted the tutorial I found on YouTube, Victory Rolls for Short Hair.  It wasn’t what I eventually used, because I thought the hat would be on the front of my head and thus the rolls would get in the way.  But it did help me find the right video – I rifled through her others to find these: Pin Curls Part Two – Brushing It Out and Pin Curls Part One (I watched them in that order. Why not see what you’re getting into before the how-to?)

I’m glad I had checked with the salons when I got home from MUNISC in the morning and not waited until the late afternoon (when I’d thought I’d actually go and have it done), because I had just enough time to quickly wash and blow dry my hair, then pin it up for the pin curls before the next event of my day.  Turban time!

Then it was time to work on the hat.  I combined Charlotte’s directions with Kat’s Instructable on How to Make a Pillbox Hat and spent the rest of the afternoon putting one together from the fabrics I’d bought and some craft felt for sturdiness, using scissors, straight pins, and my trusty glue gun.  It took ALL afternoon, finishing about 10 minutes before the party – and I still had to change into my ensemble and put together drinks!  As it turned out, I didn’t wear the hat on the front of my head but on the back, because my bangs were being nice when I brushed them out (as they so rarely do these days).  I also left off the veil I’d been so thrilled to borrow for the look because, well, how to you put a veil across your forehead/eyes when your hair is there?  Maybe if I’d had more time to figure it out, and if it had been mine so I wouldn’t need to keep it free of glue, but it provided a nice accent for the flower all bunched up – a happy use of it.

Thankfully it all came together and I was only about 15 minutes late to the party. (Sigh. I have got to work on my punctuality.)  Since the mystery can’t start without all the characters present, I was able to make “an entrance,” and then the fun started.  No word on “who dunnit,” though. The same plot kit will be used by others all month so that everyone who wants to get in on the fun can do so!

(Click on the thumbnail for to see larger photos)

 Curl! Since I was in a hurry all photos are from the end of the evening, when it had lost at least a third of its volume.

   The ensemble. Thanks to Steph for loaning me her pearls when I rushed out of the house without jewelry!

Thanks for the photo, Warren!


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