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Notes at the moment March 25, 2012

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Here are some short notes about life and things recently.

I enjoyed my Saturday evening with Amy K, eating what we’d cooked, watching Anna and the King, and chatting.  Hope your ankle gets better ASAP, Amy!

A shout-out to Amy W, who sat right up next to me in the SUV this afternoon with the gasoline smell and luggage trolley across our laps.  Random, I know.  Partly I wanted an excuse to link to your blog 😉

I just went through my Google feeds and changed the names of the blogs I follow to be the actual AUTHOR’s name.  It was getting too confusing!  I also sorted them into folders – people (that I know personally), food, adopted, and education.  All but 3 fit into those categories.  I just hope FeedSquares picks up on the changes (there is some lag), as it’s a much nicer interface than Google’s and I’ve gotten used to it in the months since I switched to Chrome.  If it doesn’t, does anyone else have a good graphical interface for feeds that allows renaming of blogs and organizing into categories (or at least on the page)? Preferably one that can import the list from Google – listing them all on Symbaloo would take tooooooo long!

I wish I could sit around watching TED Talks and SciShow and whatever John Green’s new history show is called… yeah, if I didn’t have to work or live life and if my internet was fast enough to watch YouTube without long waits for it to load first!

I totally forgot that Hunger Games was coming out this weekend.  I guess I’ll have to make plans to see it next weekend. That’s better anyway – it’ll be a good way to kick off Spring Break!

I spent the early afternoon at a memorial time celebrating Tim Herzog’s ten years of life.  (He died a year ago.) His father thanked us at the end for sitting through an hour of home video but actually it was the most I’ve enjoyed home video ever, I think.  So many emotions in one short time, even at the same time – he was mugging for the camera at one point when his mom was trying to record his little brother, and she said to him, “This is the video we’re going to show at your wedding.”  We all laughed.  And that’s what we were supposed to do.  But the next moment I (and probably the rest the community watching) realized that’s one of the many things on the list that will never happen now.

I made some GF Chai Spice Muffins today.  They were good. I used the peach butter that I canned back in September, which made me feel very homemaker-y, and I used some of the brown rice flour I bought at the market a week or two ago, which also made me happy (plus some pre-mixed GF flour from the States).  There were two people at the breakfast who are avoiding/maybe avoiding gluten, plus it made an extra mini-loaf for another GF friend who attends a different fellowship.

I am knitting a Bloody Stupid Johnson hat just because I think it’s hilarious and want a knitting challenge.  It’s not too terribly hard but it is constructed unlike anything I’ve ever made before and will keep me interested till the end I think!  I just got out a ball of yarn that looked about the right weight and wasn’t a hideous color and cast it on.  Hopefully I like the end result but if not I’ll give it to a fellow Pratchett fan 🙂

I discovered EscapePod the other day and have downloaded a couple episodes.  I haven’t listened to them yet but hope to enjoy them.  I was specifically looking for Nightfall, one of Asimov’s great short stories.

One student left Friday, moving back to her home country, and another will be starting this week (hopefully).  The classroom is changing.  I wonder what it will be like once the new boy (and the rest of us) are all settled in again?

Two months + two weeks left of this school year.  End of quarter 3 this coming Friday.  What are my priorities for the time remaining with these students?


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