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A cloud came by May 9, 2012

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This morning was hazy but soon the mists had burned away and it was a clear, sunny day. Even at 5pm when I headed to the bus it was quite bright.

Then we drove out of the school, down the hill onto the main road. All the way home, we were in a cloud!


I didn’t notice until I was off the bus, but my block was perfectly clear and sunny. The hotel on the last corner before my block was still wreathed in mists, however – you can just make out its edges & sign in the white. Hen qi guai! (How odd!)
I saw a few tendrils of vapor floating by when I emerged from a quick stop at K-Mart back near that corner, but it wasn’t till later that the evening mists enveloped my building.

PS: The K in K-Mart stands for Korean.

Oh, and Mulan and the Monkey King are making an appearance in the middle school drama!


Next day

It’s back!


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