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A visit from my students May 17, 2012

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My students visited my home today! I invite them over each year. Here are some bits and pieces from the event that I have not the energy to make into one cohesive post.

We took the bus, as in the PUBLIC bus. It went really well! One boy who is not the most angelically respectful in class gave his seat to another rider šŸ™‚ I need to remember to give him a character coupon tomorrow.

The bread is darker on top than any sort of ideal, though not quite what you’d call charcoal. (We always make bread in school and then bake it at my home.) I really need to figure out how to get my oven to cook with just the bottom heat source! Maybe have it re-wired? Still, it was good bread.

Next time I shouldn’t buy so much meat! 2.5 pounds made more meatballs than we could eat! On that topic though I’m really grateful to my Ayi, who actually made the meatballs and sauce on Tuesday for me.

Paper plates + Ikea plastic cups was the right combination. No drinks were spilled and after dinner we scraped leftovers into the empty cooking pot before piling the plates so now I have one neat bag of trash and all 15 cups & forks washed + the 2 pots washed & the table wiped. Done and done!

One student had a sudden change of plans at home and almost couldn’t come. I had to take her home, halfway out to the airport. It was actually a really good part of the day, she was bubbling over with happiness and since I’m an introvert I like it better with one or two kids anyway. (I love teaching a class, sure, but I would also love to tutor or homeschool.) Her grandfather was quite friendly when I dropped her off and gave me some delicious Korean juice… then on the way back I saw a drive-through McD’s! I’d heard there were some in this country, but only seen one drive-thru KFC in ZZ before this.

Stella amazed me by coming out for one or two of the students when they took turns coaxing her from under the wardrobe.

OK, last little bit. I mostly just want to share my cleverness. This scavenger hunt around my apartment with all numbers for answers is a game I made up last year (and modified this year) and the kids solve it with just minimal help, it’s quite a challenge but a fun one! Every student who finishes it (alone or with a friend) gets a piece of chocolate.


The first clue is to a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle of kids at the beach that I glued, framed, and hung on my wall. The one about flocks is a reference to the rhyme I teach them for the steps of knitting, so they counted how many finished projects I had around the house. And the one in Chinese translates to, “My family has 4 people, right? How many times do you see them the ‘light-write’ way?” (They learn root words in early spring including “photo = light” and “graph = write”) So they counted photos of my family. Most of these clues are kind of conditional, hard to solve if you’re not actually here and looking around my home, but I’ll leave you to give it a try anyway šŸ˜‰


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