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Mini-Post May 29 May 29, 2012

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Happy birthday, Dad! I have been soooo blessed to have you for my father, as an example and leader, especially in how you are open and loving to others. I hope this new year is one where you continue to grow, and that you can see more and more how special you are to so many here on earth, and to our Father in heaven.

I hope you don’t mind sharing a post, ’cause I’m writing a few different thoughts here!

The end of the year is almost here, hurrah! I don’t feel terribly rushed this time as I have in the past, though next week it may kick in a bit more. :-/ It’s going well and I’m sorry to see these kids go, though if course I’m glad they’re moving up, growing, learning, maturing.

I have been really blessed by the Book study I’ve been a part of this semester. The actual study materials were good, but more than that the bi-weekly (cha bu duo, more or less) times of meeting together were encouraging. I so often chase the bigger group, wanting to be part of what’s going on, and there’s a good place for that (like last night’s MST3K “Pod People” showing). But it’s easier to go deep, share, build into each other with a smaller group, and with an intentional time, especially as the introvert that I am. I am sad to see this end, though it’s the right time with school ending and summer travel coming, and of course we can (and have already talked about) start up another study in July or next fall! “Do not give up meeting together…” I think I’m finding that this applies to more than just Sunday morning. Maybe I should have known this before now, and it will not always be the same people all my life, but at least I’m finally getting it and I have some good sisters here for this season.

For my final topic: I thoroughly enjoy Robby (Robert Duncan MacNeil)’s acting and the writer’s plotting and just the whole ensemble how it all came together in season 2 of Voyager with the Paris arc. I really liked the episode where it all comes to a head, back when I was watching the new episodes each week and thus didn’t fully know what was coming until it showed up on-screen, but I am enjoying it exponentially more as I re-watch the series for the first time since then! Now I can see the choices he is making, see how it is playing out with ******** and with ******** not ********ing (spoilers deleted because I love this too much to ruin it for anyone out there just discovering Voyager.) Ack, it’s sooo delish! And tonight’s episode had the Doctor discovering romance in a bittersweet way, two nights ago’s had Q (I squealed and clapped, yes clapped for TV actors who cannot hear me, and more than once! John Delancie may be the only person with a better role than Robbie’s), and on top of all this I get to watch the Paris story line unfold… Mmm, wow, yum. And just to be clear, I’m saying “delish” and “yum” to the story, not because of the men’s looks (though Paris IS kinda cute, lucky B’Elanna, but that’s another season’s story arc).

Oh, and happy birthday to Sara, even though you don’t have a way to access my blog from here! I’m so glad to know you and, well, I’ll put the rest into a card so you can actually read it 🙂


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