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How much Chinese do you need to order a pizza? August 24, 2012

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How much Chinese do you need to order a pizza? This much:

Pizza Person: Ni Hao, chinese chinese Elnopim. chinese means he’s saying something I can’t understand or that I forgot in between calling and writing this post.
Me: Hello, Ni Hao! I throw in the Hello so he knows I’m a foreigner. Just in case my accent is really good and he can’t tell! Wo yao yi ge pizza. (I want one pizza.) Yao pepperoni.
P: Hao. chinese chinese Nali (where?)
Me: Yi Jing Yuan (my apartment complex).
P: Yi Jing Yuan.
Me: Er shi liu hao lou (2 10 6 (26) number building).
P: Er shi liu hao lou.
Me: Er dan yuan (2 single unit (entrance/stairwell)).
P: Er dan yuan.
Me: Si ling er hao (4 0 2 number).
If you speak more clearly than I do, skip the next 4 lines.
P: chinese chinese?
Me: … (wondering what he said)
P: Yao ling er hao?
Me: Si ling er hao.
P: (repeating address) Er shi liu hao lou, Er dan yuan, Si ling er hao.
Me: Dui (right). Wo men bu yao ke le, bu yao ke le, bu yao shui bi (we don’t want cola, we don’t want sprite.) omit if you like soda, they include a bottle automatically and yes it costs less if you take it off
P: Bu yao ke le, shui bi?
Me: Dui.
P: Hao. … Zai qian (goodbye).
Me: Zai qian!

30 min or less later, a hot pizza shows up, and the delivery guy has a receipt and exact change for 100 yuan in a pocket of the keep-warm bag for you! If you use the same phone number it’s as easy as ordering water (just say one sentence of what you want and agree when they say your address ’cause they’ll have it saved from your caller ID from last time!

Wow, I started typing this post (on my phone I’m not too quick) just after ordering and it just got delivered! More like 15 than 30. Love love love Elnopim!

The number, if you’re local: 81188757 🙂


2 Responses to “How much Chinese do you need to order a pizza?”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    year 5 in china and i’ve NEVER ordered a pizza. i always make someone call for me! might get brave and try elnopim now. got the number and the instructions right here for me :^)

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