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Shopping & Weekend Plans September 8, 2012

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What does one do on the weekend in a city like this? Well really the only answer I can give you is what I do. Here’s the list for today:

I need to buy yarn & needles for my students’ knitting lessons which start this week. Yay! Last time I found good starter yarn at a small shop in Tai Dong but those shops tend to move, open, and close without warning. Still, the two shops I know that have reliably NOT moved are in the farther-off Ji Mo Lu area and don’t stock the kind of yarn I’d prefer for new knitters. So I’m trying Tai Dong first and if the shops are closed/gone I will continue on to Ji Mo Lu later in my shopping trip.

Also in TD, I plan to buy fabric & stuffing to make a little pillow to go inside of the cabled pillow cover I knit this past summer.

After TD I’d like to get a wireless keyboard and mouse set down at the technology market. If I have to go to Ji Mo I’ll stop on the way since it’s between the two. My old wireless keyboard’s batteries corroded and ruined it, so I need a new set. Now that I’ve gotten a desk chair, the height of my laptop keyboard on the desk is the only thing keeping me from siting there instead of slouching on my couch for my hours of class work and other computer tasks.

Then I’ll stop at a large store. Probably I’ll ride the bus half of the way home and stop at Carrefour, but if I find yarn at TD and am too tired of shopping to get the keyboard, I’ll just shop at Walmart there. My water tower started leaking (ack!) so it’s getting replaced and I need more classroom supplies like pencils and erasers. My watch strap needs replacing, and I need groceries! So that’ll be my last, big stop and then I’ll find a cab home. Actually that’s a good reason to shop at Carrefour instead of Walmart – not only is the cab ride cheaper because, it’s also a lot easier to find a cab there!

Once home the rest of my weekend will be in that part of town. I have to wait around for an oven repairman to come fix the thermostat on my oven either this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon. I need a nap. I’d like to try my new food mill, and that’s something I can do in the kitchen for fun without getting the oven hot – I’ve got a pumpkin I can steam and then mill, to make purée for future baking! It’ll be the inaugural attempt 🙂 And I’m emailing around to see if anyone wants to get together and play a game tonight.

If the repairman comes today (I hope!) then tomorrow I can go to English Corner after fellowship & lunch. I used to go to one but it stopped and now it’s been a year or more. I’m excited to visit a new one! Then some work on lesson plans and more rest.

The bus ride to TD is half over. My 125 bus is just stopping at Carrefour. Before I got on the bus and started this post, I walked on the beach with some friends for a similar event to Greenbrier’s yearly beach visits, and had a couple spare stairwell-entrance keys made at the bus stop for my upstairs neighbor Beth (she was never given any and had to use the code to unlock the door). That about wraps up my weekend!


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