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Lamb & Eggplant March 31, 2013

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Since lamb seems somewhat traditional with Easter, I bought half a pound of ground lamb when I was at the store on Friday. (The lamb chops were pricey and small.)  I didn’t really know what to do with it, but I figured if I didn’t get any inspiration, I could always crumble it with some sort of sauce and eat it with rice or pasta.  At the local shops today I bought some eggplant, figuring both lamb and eggplant are middle-eastern.  Then at dinner time I fired up the AllRecipes app on my phone, did a little Googling on the laptop, and came up with this:


Starting with olive oil and minced garlic, I browned the lamb, then added the spices from AllRecipes’ Grilled Spicy Lamb Burgers (minus most of the cumin and red pepper flakes) and a chopped up eggplant.  A couple minutes later I dumped in a guesstimate of the liquids from the burger recipe, a can of chopped tomatoes, and the vestiges of a long onion for color.  I let it all simmer covered for a while and then uncovered to thicken.  Meanwhile one Metro pita from the freezer got thawed out in the toaster oven while I dealt with a partially-peeled pineapple for dessert.  Hurrah, a yummy dinner, and I have enough of the main dish left to fill the other two pitas in the freezer tomorrow or the next day 🙂


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