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Recent photos September 8, 2013

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Life is staying full here, though I’ve had some down time this weekend. Here are a few little things.


Supper in under five minutes. Leftover leftovers and fresh fruit. Leftover celery, cooked rice, and a little leftover eggplant were combined with some onion, garlic, salt, curry powder, along with a can of kidney beans and an egg, the last item only because I am apparently incapable of frying up anything with leftover rice without putting in an egg. Anyway it made two dinners for that week plus one more in the freezer that I ate tonight. I’ve never had anything quite like it, and this time at least I can say that with a happy rather than “blech” face!


Here’s the blech – mold on two books I took from home when I finished high school. So sad. I will replace Hind’s Feet but the other would probably be difficult to find since Mom bought it in college so I’ll try wiping it down with vinegar.


Last night I babysat an actual baby for the first time in a while. Isn’t she cute?


Today while I was picking up some shirts from the tailor I also picked up more blue & white fabric half-meters. I’m not sure yet if the quilt it becomes will have the yellow mixed in or just more whites. Or even if it WILL become a quilt, since I’m pretty busy now and I don’t plan to ship fabric to the land of JoAnn’s and such when I leave! At least not quilting fabric. Maybe a bit of the batik blue & white prints that I’m basing this selection around (in the foreground).


Such pretty beans growing in the cul-de-sac by my building.



Stella watching the sunrise. It was the physical connection to a message I’d heard last weekend from John Piper about the glory of the Lord being revealed.


Psalm 121. My heart has been tender as I’ve been stretched. It’s not easy learning to rely on the Lord for strength. Right now for instance it’s Sunday evening and I’ve felt a lot less urgent and hungry in my prayer and reading times the last 48 hours because it’s not crunch time – it’s school that is pushing me beyond my strength. But oh how this psalm ministered to me one day this week.

Posting these photos reminds me, I’ve posted most of them before, some on FB and some on WeChat. It’s been great to connect with friends on the latter app, especially people I knew in ZZ. Have you tried it? It’s the English version of an app that’s actually Chinese (I think), and it’s similar to Voxer but with more features. Plus easier to find people – so far I have about 30 connections on the one and about three on the other! The main feature they share is the ability to send short audio clips back and forth, like a time-delay walkie talkie. Not very delayed, unless your Internet speed is slow. If you haven’t tried either app, pick one and give it a go!


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