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Finishing Feels Good December 18, 2014

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Things I have finished recently (not quite in chronological order):

The fall semester at two different universities

Grading exams within an hour of the last exam ending (YES!) and writing up grade reports (that took a little longer)

Baking two kinds of Christmas cookies

A safe drive home for Christmas, with both cruise control and the CD player working most of the time after initially not working – praise the Lord

Sewing an apron, the hem on curtains that were too long, a stuffed animal I had un-stuffed to wash and then re-stuffed, 17 pair(!!!) of rice-filled hand-warmers for co-workers at one of the universities plus a few more for other friends and one for myself, and the binding on my largest-to-date quilted object. I am SO super happy to have this finished! (And can you tell I borrowed a sewing machine this week? Though the stuffed animal, the non-co-worker hand warmers, and the quilt binding were all hand-stitched.)

IMG_2913  IMG_2914
The base of the quilt was left-overs from the quilt-top-turned-duvet-cover I finished a year or two(?) ago. Hand-quilting takes an age but it was fun! The spirals, such as you see on the blue and floral fabrics in the close-up, were my favorite.

IMG_0901  IMG_0899
I love how the red zig-zag stitch looks on it. Pop!  And I had to hold the cat in one hand, the camera in the other, to get a photo of the whole thing spread out!

IMG_0896  IMG_0911
Ah, there’s the full apron! And other little details – the ties that came with the kit and took HOURS after I sewed the first one wrong; the white back lining I added. Makes me smile.

IMG_0902 See?

Knitting two small hats – one toddler size, one baby size – and two sets of fingerless “owl” gloves. Mostly they just needed ends woven in, glued, and trimmed, but the gloves also needed thumb cuffs knitted on before all the finishing touches.

IMG_2946  IMG_2948 

The gloves are tied in pairs, ready to go – one pair in fact has already been gifted less than 12 hours after finishing! Can you see the faint owl outline on them? The baby & toddler hats have designated recipients, but I won’t see them till after Christmas.

Still to finish: A bit of Christmas shopping and some Christmas cards (though I’m happy to have a lot of that done).  And there’s plenty more to finish in the course of the rest of my life, I hope! For now, it’s nice to have these things done, especially SO MANY WIP’s checked off in the last week and a half!

I’ve linked up this post with Crazy Mom Quilts’ “Finish It Up Friday.


2 Responses to “Finishing Feels Good”

  1. WOW… your list of finishes is impressive. And I love that apron!

  2. Carie Says:

    Wow you really nearly are finished! I’m wildly impressed, and I love the apron, especially with the cat sat out on it!

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