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Teaching Materials Sale January 20, 2016

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You may know I am a teacher. Did you know I also sell materials that I’ve produced on My store there is known as Jubilant Learning. I’m just getting started, but I really love the activities I’ve posted so far, and I think they’re useful to anyone learning English, whether it’s a native-speaking elementary student, someone catching up on literacy in middle or high school, or a speaker of another language who is learning English at any age. Looking to the future, I’m working on units about economics (for intermediate grade students), about a memoir (for high schoolers or for adult ESL), and about a couple of middle-grade novels, so be sure to “follow” my store to hear when those are ready!

There’s a big start-of-year sale going on there this week on January 20-21. All my items are 20% off – except the ones that are already free, of course! If you’re a teacher too, why not stop by and grab something for your ESL or elementary classroom?

740 × 400


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