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Knitting Shops in Qingdao October 6, 2012

Please be aware: Yarn shops open and close rather frequently, so they may not always be where pictured.  If you go on a yarn-hunting expedition, please tell me if you find that a shop here has closed, or if you find a new one!

Key tells to look for as you scan the shops: a mannequin wearing a knitted sweater; a knitted baby outfit, funky hat, or chunky scarf; the character 毛 mao wool (or 毛线 mao xian wool yarn); the letters DIY not surrounded by parents with small children; or of course yarn itself!

This yarn shop is very close to the Ji Mo Lu shopping area.  It’s in a walkway under the street, near the bus stop, just before the road splits to go either over a bridge or down by Ji Mou Lu.  There is lots of bulky and medium-weight yarn, most of which is in skeins.  Mostly acrylic, possibly some wool.


– – – – – –

This shop is found if you continue past the Ji Mo Lu shopping area on the main road.  It is across from a small mall with a KFC, and right in front of the shop is a bus stop called “Zhong Shan Lu,” because shortly after that point the road T’s into Zhong Shan Lu. (Beware though, there are stops with the same name on other roads that intersect Zhong Shan Lu!)  There is yarn of medium weight, perhaps some finer yarn; wool blends as well as milk-cotton.  Much of it is wound into balls though there is some in skeins.


– – – – – –

This “DIY” shop is in Tai Dong on Zhen Ming Lu south of Tai Dong 6 Lu.  It has some good thick yarn that’s easy to knit with, such as the yarn I used for my students’ first project this year.  Mostly acrylic.


– – – – – –

There are sometimes one or two yarn shops along this road near Wal Mart (notice the “Walk Street” bridge on the left, coming from Wal Mart behind the buildings and going off the picture away from Wal Mart).  They tend to sell medium or finer yarn, made of wool/blend, acrylic, and milk cotton.

– – – – – –

The shops below have not been sighted recently, but may still be there.

– – – – – –

This shop is in the Tai Dong area, on Da Cheng Lu near Tai Dong Liu Lu.


– – – – – –

This shop is also in the Tai Dong area, on Tai Dong Liu Lu near Zhen Xing Lu.


  <- looking at it from the intersection


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